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Such as laundry day or yard work day?

Or is it catch as catch can?

Do you combine compatible tasks to multi-task or do you prefer to give your undivided attention to one task at a time?

I was considered a multi-task planner. It worked for me but others found it too complex.

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4 Answers

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Monday - I clean my Apartment

Tuesday - I go grocery shopping

Wednesday - I do laundry and host horse races

Thursday - I get my haircut ( When needed )

Friday - I do my banking, dine out and go to Turfway Park or OTB

Saturday- I join my friends at OTB/ resolve hosted races on AOR

Sunday - I praise the Lord for keeping me in good health and giving me the ability to accomplish all the above.

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Backatcha, Dr CEO! 


An orderly mind is an orderly life.

When I was a stay at home wife for a few years I kept a daily roster of shopping, laundry, cleaning and running days.

*Running* is a regional term in SW Ohio referring to running errands of short trips.

Picking up or dropping of dry cleaning 

Going to the Home Center to pick up a garden or hardware item.

A quick trip to the pet store or dog groomer.

Slipping in the florist last for a bouquet of flowers

Sometimes this is more exhausting than housework.

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Just the weekend in general. Typically I get groceries  and do laundry on Saturday and clean the house. Whatever doesn't get done then gets done Sunday along with whatever outdoor projects I've got going on. 
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I do things as and when they need to be done. Some things get left longer than others.

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Mostly unstructured time.  My only commitment is Sunday is vacuum the house day.  

My wife is a junkaholic and loves garage sales.  Here, these happen on friday thru  sunday.  I will commit to driving on two days.  Her choice.  She could go alone but likes me along to complain about my driving, my parking, my selection of junk.  After this experience it is margaritas on the deck time, maybe two.happen

Every few weeks I go shopping for food.  Usually tuesday or thursday morning.  On tuesday the meat markets reduce things for quick sale.  Thursdays are just low attendance in the stores.

The rest of the time I just do what is most pressing either on my mind or my wifes.  Mostly hers.  Lol

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