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What causes some to work harder at *avoiding all work* while others seemingly *enjoy work for works sake?”

I have often marveled at the two extremes in work ethics and struggled with whether it was nature or nurture.

Of course a work/play balance is preferable and likely healthier but how do we as a nation encourage more able bodied people to join the work force?

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3 Answers

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I think there's multiple reasons for both. Good and bad experiences of work. Idiots in the workplace. Favoritism. When you're the favourite of a manager it's great. Equally other colleagues can make your life a misery.

To encourage people to want to get a job and work also has many dimensions. The amount of hoops you've got to jump through is ridiculous and a lot of the time it's WHO you know.

I'll stop there.

Funny this question has been posted because it looks like I'm going to be made a job offer by the Civil Service. Not confirmed yet but it looks good.

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Oh that if fantastic Blue! If you aren’t offended I will offer a private prayer to that end.

You are truly deserving of a great job and benefits! I truly hope you are successful!


Thanks Lady. Of course. Well looking at their recruitment process I'm at the last stage, which is upload ID and right to work documents. I could be wrong but I will be surprised if I don't get it. I don't want to count my chickens though. I have nothing to lose.


From my lips to God’s ears to expedite your employment then!


Great news, Blue! You'll do great! Wishing you success!


Thanks Sandy. After reading their message again it looks like they want 4 forms of ID to put me on a reserve list for 6 months. 4 forms of ID after being told I have been unsuccessful? We'll see anyway. I do hope I get it.


I got a reply from the course tutor, who we had as part of the recruitment process saying she believes if ID is asked to be provided (which it has) then I am moving on to the next stage before an offer is made. So that looks good.


Definitely a very good sign, Blue. Know you have my vote! Here's to landing the job! : )


Thanks Sandy. You're a star.


Good luck with everyting, Bluegenel!


Many thanks SAM.

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I'm sure there's both. It's pure adrenaline for me. I love what I do! Staying routinely active, and eating healthy has a lot to do with keeping my body and mind in tune. I find when I take a lazy vacation, it's harder for me to get back in the swing of things, so it's either use it or lose for me. Definitely, balancing both is a dream come true, and the key to life. I'm working on that, lol.

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I've got one of them. 

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I believe there is in people yes

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