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That really depends on what kind of book you are reading.  Doing a chapter summary of a history book is completed different from doing a summary report on a chapter from a work of fiction.

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Thank you sir I'm kind of confused here cause right now I'm doing a summary review of a history book. Two chapter of a book written by Clause and Mirriot "An Introduction to Theory"


Usually, history books will have subdivisions in each chapter.  Divide your summary into these subdivisions. For example, if the chapter in an American History Book was titled, "Freeing the Slaves," there might be these subdivisions:

Slave ownership at the time of the Civil War

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation

Southern Resistance

Amendments to the Constitution

For each subdivision, you could hit the highlights for that section,  no more than 5-6 sentences, and then move on.  If the subdivision is particularly long, though, devote more time and space to it than the others. End your summary with what you think are the most important points brought up in the chapter.

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I used to be able to type 60 words per minute. I worked with colleagues that could do 90. That's as quick as short-hand. I'm a bit rusty now though and it takes 100% concentration.

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A.  Read the chapter.

B. Summarize it in your own words in the required number of words.

Done.  It didn't even take long.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful idea.


You are very welcome. 

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It's hard to see what kind of chapters they are without see  the book. Depending on the length of those chapters something you can do is  to take down notes on major points written in the chapters, and by that I mean summarizing in your own words what happened, when, in chronological order. If it's a history book, try and take those major ideas in the papargraphs and reword them simply, connecting the events in order. Don't dwell on one event which is very long. Simplify it in several sentences.  An outline of the events might help you form an idea of how your writing should go. 

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Thank you very much for the wonderful for the wonderful idea.

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