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18 year old shot and killed his grandmother then got in his car and drove to  Robb elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

The children’s ages ranged from 7-9 years old.

The gunman barricaded  himself in the school ad began shooting. It is believed law enforcement shot and killed the shooter.

Parents are being notified in a local community property center.

Numerous other students were wounded and have been transported to hospital.

The shooter’s name is Salvador Ramos.

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Let's keep sending thoughts and prayers .

They are obviously working great.    

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And breaking hearts. Evidently Kamala Harris has several.

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Something's gone seriously wrong somewhere.

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Our society is broken!

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Carried out by an 18 year old. If Amercans can't let go of their guns then they need to fix what's wrong with these children who go out and commit mass murder. 

N.I.M B.Y. doesn't work. It takes a village and all that. 

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Sadly America’s society is sick and broken.

Yes, A number of young males have violent ideologies. But then so do those who are clearly adult in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. 

For over 150 years America owned more guns than citizens. Rifles, shotguns and pistols of various calibers were owned and generally not locked up. They were sometimes placed in the corner of a closet with the safety on. Every kid knew of these unsecured guns. There were virtually no mass killings prior to 1950.

So what happened.

America began to drift away from their morality.

Broken homes, divorces became much more prevalent.

Social services demanded that for mothers to get benefits there couldn’t be a supportive working male living at the residence.

Television, and radio shows relaxed programming standards.

Schools began usurping parents roles on what, how and when to teach their children about sex, even displaying condoms and diaphragms in the classroom.

Our country stopped declaring legitimate “war” and instead left a lot of ambiguity and anger for young men facing the draft.

The Feminist movement rose up to blame all their problems on men further frustrating young men in a catch 22 situation.

In the 80’s many mental health institutions were closed citing imposing on peoples civil liberties.

Prisons became seriously overwhelmed and overcrowded because now they were housing mental patients.

In the last 2 years many big city District Attorneys have made policy to release these people on bail, further compounding the problem.

Parents have become increasingly tolerant of their children’s misbehavior reluctant to discipline them for aggressive behavior.

Teachers/ Principals are no longer allowed to discipline students regardless of their behavior and the kids know it, making it necessary to have school resource officers in each school.

Civil disobedience is fully tolerated in public now. Spitting in cops faces, pushing and yelling vulgarities at the police. Trashing police cars, bonfires in the middle of a downtown intersection and groups walking down the freeway arm in arm. Chanting “What do we want?”  “Dead cops!!”  “When do we want it?” “Now “

This didn’t happen overnight! Defunding the police, burning down police headquarters, throwing urine on cops.

Video gaming glorifies killing for sport!

Whatever law is passed, the criminals and mentally ill can get whatever weapons they need on the black market, steal it, or purchase in a private sale.

Libertarians push for legalization of what were once illegal drugs. Do we really know how these and now illegal drugs affect brain chemistry. Sure Opium was available without a prescription in the early 1900’s, but people weren’t using drugs recreationally. And we didn’t have the rate of addiction that we do now.

Depression is nearly pandemic in the US with record numbers of citizens taking antidepressants. What changed. We lived through two World Wars without these mental health problems.

As we moved from an agricultural society to more urban our daily diets have vastly moved from fruits and vegetables to processed foods and carbohydrates. We are far less active as a society than the 1920’s when farming was a top profession.

Possibly a culmination of all these factors have caused a monumental cross roads of catastrophic proportion.

This 500 lb genie isn’t going back in the bottle easily.

Last night a man was caught shoplifting in Walmart. He killed a Good Samaritan who intervened and shot a greeter in the stomach. He was out on $200,000 bond ! That Walmart is about 10 miles from our house!

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Twenty-seven school shootings this year alone. When will politicians realize that they need to mandate really strict gun control laws? Yet one party is pro choice, the same party opposing laws. I don’t like politicizing the situation but it’s got to start there. 

   I have heard that the school children were unable to be identified because they were that badly disfigured, and DNA tests had to be done to identify them. 

   At the last elementary school I taught at right before I left, we had to have lockdown drills twice a month, where we would go into the classroom closets and bathrooms inside the class. We had to talk to the children in simple terms, we need to do this in case there are “bad people” in the school. You can imagine the look on the children’s faces when they were told this. 

   As a parent of adult children, I can’t fathom what I’d be like if something tragic were to happen to them. It would do me in. 

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We have laws upon laws that aren’t being enforced.

Law enforcement is a three legged stool, police, prosecutors and judges. 

We have background checks and yet many of these shooters have not been arrested or mentally detained for over 36 hours! If there is no documentation of mental illness they are free to purchase guns. If they are not prosecuted for a felony and instead released from jail 24 hours or less they aren’t restricted from purchasing a gun.

Chicago and New York have some of the strictest gun laws in the country yet the murder rate is mounting each weekend. Criminals and Psychopaths will always find a way to get guns, theft, family members, private gun sales and black markets.

What “can” we do nearly immediately?

BlueGenel laid out an ideal approach to hardening the soft targets. Gun free zones and open campuses at schools or medical facilities are definitely a thing of the past and an open invitation to those who want to do harm to vast amounts of people. In Panama armed guards stand at the ready at banks and supermarkets with military style rifles with magazines. Yes we have heard no one wants our schools resembling prisons but I believe no one wants schools, malls,stores and supermarkets to become killing fields.

If smaller communities can’t afford a large police force or resource officers perhaps an all volunteer group can be assembled like a volunteer fire department!

Both political parties have their built in non-negotiables. This is far too big for each community to wrestle with. This is a National problem and needs a National answer.


The problem with those strict gun control laws, is that it is still too easy to purchase a gun. People who are mentally I’ll aren’t going to be examined to see if they are mentally fit first, before they purchase that gun. And because organizations like the NRA will continue to fight for the right to buy and bear arms, and have a political party that supports them, legislation will probably never pass those stricter laws now. 

   There are many countries who boast low homicide rates and have strict gun control laws that have been in place for decades. That is what should have happened here. I guess no one was thinking about mental illness and how guns can get into the hands of the wrong people, or simply didn’t care. 

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Here's to enormous strength to empower  people for the necessary changes needed in order to honor all victims, their families, and all communities. 

The gun debate is seriously stuck. Stuck too is not addressing the actual problems associated with gun violence. 

I, and like minded individuals have said for many, many, many, years it's time to seriously focus on the pathway that leads to such violence. A must then, a must now! 

Mental illness fits with the idea of snapping, a sudden impulse, and that these types are totally detached from reality. Which no doubt is part of it, that thinking alone is a mistake, because there's definitely a process of rational thought that goes into such planning, and the carrying out these disgusting targeted mass shootings, or other violent crimes. Because of that rational planning I believe more can be done to trail them in order to address the real problems of these perpetrators. Teaming up to recognize  these troubled individuals would/could/should be one of the first of many steps to help them before they turn to violence. 

A fight for change is never easy. It takes reasonable compromise for things to work from  all sides. What we have now is way too many conversations, and debates on the subject but not enough action. As I often say, there's too many opinions, and not enough solutions. 

If we actually study these cases more to understand what leads certain people to violence, that will give us more knowledge to work with in order to prevent it. Of course, that along with other angles. We need to turn over and take over. We need to raise hell for more violence control, take the steps, with far less glorifying of guns, and gun rights. More, more, and more needs to be done.

May every single strong minded doer out there pull together to combat the changes we absolutely need, or we'll have even more of the same insanity. 

(My heart goes out to all the victims, their families, and communities, past and present).

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Schools can take several practical actions that actually work. Put a second exit in all rooms. Bullet proof doors. Off site security. Lock all doors with panic buttons in multiple locations in the building. Smoke bombs in all corridors to blind the shooter. Secure the front door to oblivion. That would be good for starters.


@ SandyGirl - when you ask a question, always check for the answer.



I actually gave you a vote up, Blue Jay. The last couple of days have been extremely busy for me. Sorry I should have left you a comment too. Anyway, an A+ Blue Jay, and a BIG thank you for putting in the effort to figure out the answer to my question. 


Make Questions Great Again.




I love people who go out of their way to help.


Thanks Blue!


I second that SandyGirl. Seems the gun debates continue after each of  these mass shootings tragedies, then goes back to nothing being done. As a gun owner, I believe those who want to own guns should want to take the responsibility to jump through hoops. That would include a national background check. Also, having to purchase liability insurance, and much more. More gun owners should actually welcome keeping guns out of the wrong hands. 


Thank you, SAM! I agree with you, as well.

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