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The Iraqi immigrant was under FBI surveillance. He asked if 6 smuggled immigrants  would be enough to kill the former President. Shihab Ahmed Shihab was an Iraqi ISIS operative living in Columbus, Ohio.

Crazy day in America!

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You can be our news correspondent.

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I keep cable news running in the background. So I occasionally look at the headlines printed under the picture.

I just heard other countries don’t have these massive school shootings just us.

I must think they have better mental health reporting or stricter gun purchasing laws.

It’s become absurd the number of mass killings here. It’s everywhere schools, malls, grocery stores, churches, mosques and mass transit.

The freeways people drive like they’re out of their mind. 20mph over posted speed limits, changing lanes erratically and swerving in and out of marked lanes like they’re drunk.

You feel you aren’t taking your life seriously just running errands or going to the doctor!

It’s wild!

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