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+7 votes

Finally got a job.

in Career by (4,243,331 points)

10 Answers

+2 votes

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you Blue. I'm so excited for you. 

: )

by (298,320 points)

Thanks. Very excited.

+1 vote

Excellent! Very glad for you, Blue. You’ve waited long for this. 

by (1,250,910 points)

Thanks. Can't wait to start.

+1 vote

Good for you dude!!! I’m so glad. I’ll keep my fingers  crossed that all goes well and you like it.

by (2,492,350 points)

Thanks. The good thing about the Civil Service it's easy to move around in different roles. Jobs in the Civil Service are notoriously hard to get, but once you're in it's a good employer.

+2 votes

Well done, that's you all set. Crap wages brilliant pension. It's worth doing the time  

by (3,097,830 points)

Thanks GB. Pension is good. Salary is good for an admin role but yeah typically the private sector pays more.


Hey you're very smart so I don't want to teach you how to suck eggs....but....remember to tx over your local government pension, its worth it. Absolutely been there done that.


Thanks. I'll try to remember.

+3 votes

WTG Bluegenel. I knew you could do it!  Congrats!

I hope to see you around here still?

by (109,660 points)

Thanks. Yeah I'll be here in the evening and through the night.

+1 vote

Ta da!

You did it Blue!

That’s fantastic!

Wishing you the best of everything!!!!!

by (881,550 points)

Thanks Lady. Best of everything sounds good.

+1 vote

Excellent!  Congratulations!!!

by (995,080 points)

Thanks Grin. Good to see you.

+1 vote

 It’s one thing to have dreams, but it’s another to take action and turn those dreams into a reality. You are not only a dreamer, you are a doer. Watching you achieve this goal fills my heart. Congratulations on your achievement!

by (207,160 points)

Thanks Blue Jay. What a nice comment. Thank you.

+1 vote

Something good and steady.  Congrats. 

by (114,510 points)


+1 vote

Blue, this is awesome news. 

You deserve everything good man. Cheers!

by (1,229,310 points)

Thanks King.


You're welcome 

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