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Do you have a favorite movie that Ray Liotta was in?

Actor Ray Liotta, known for his roles in "Goodfellas" and "Field of Dreams," has died, according to his publicist Jennifer Allen. He was 67 years old. Allen confirmed the actor's death to CBS News on Thursday, saying that Liotta died in his sleep.

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I enjoyed many of Ray Liotta movies, including one of his more recent cop TV show Shades of Blue, also starring Jennifer Lopez.

One of my favorite movies starring Ray Liotta is Field of Dreams, also staring Kevin Costner. Field of Dreams uses baseball as a backdrop to discuss a variety of subjects from loyalty, decency, and family, that also works just as a baseball movie. I read the book "Shoeless Joe" (Ray Liotta's character) as well, and while there are several changes, the overall feel of the story comes through. Anyone who had a dream, loves baseball or not, and has a close loving relationship with their father will connect with this movie. It's about the strength of a family, undying friendships, new friendship, the struggles of life, and about loyalty. It is truly one of the best.

I, also, enjoyed Unlawful Entry very much- Blue Jay provided the link to that movie. I found many other of his movies intriguing too.

Ray Liotta was said to have died in his sleep this week while filming on location in the Dominican Republic for an upcoming thriller, Dangerous Waters. Dangerous Waters, from Signature Films, which is directed by John Barr and written by Mark Jackson, was in the midst of shooting when the actor passed away unexpectedly. The film centers on an out of control sailing vacation that goes off the rails when a teenage girl discovers 'the dark past of her mother's new boyfriend,' according to the synopsis. I don't know how far they got in filming but I'm hoping to be able to see this movie.

RIP Ray Liotta 

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Great answer, SandyGirl. I particular like your Field of Dreams take.


Thank you, SAM.

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A great actor with a lot of talent that was called to soon.


My two favorite Ray Liotta Movies.
1. "UNLAWFUL  ENTRY" Starring Kurt Russell, Ray Liotta and Madeleine Stowe

2. " IDENTITY " Starring John Cusack , Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet

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Great film picks, Blue Jay. I appreciate the links you provided with them. I like that Ray Liotta's other films are there at a glance too. 


Thanks Sam!

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I can’t name the movie, but he was in one in which he played a dangerous man who was obsessed with some other man’s wife, and stalked her until he finally gets killed in the end. I am bad with movie titles except for major ones. 

    I believe he was from NJ, and a teacher friend of mine saw him at a school basketball game there once. 

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That is the one i listed Amy. "Unlawful Entry"


Yes, the movie is Unlawful Entry. Excellent movie, Amy!

Yes, Amy, that's correct, Ray Liotta grew up in New Jersey.  He was a native of New Jersey. 

He also played in the movie called Cop Land, the plot was in the town of Garrison, New Jersey, is home to a cadre of policemen from the NYPD's 37th precinct. Note that Garrison, New Jersey doesn't exist, but was based on, and shot in the Northern New Jersey towns of Fort Lee and Edgewater, no doubt that you are familiar with, Amy?


Ray Liotta was from Newark, NJ, a large city near the town and school district I used to work in, which is most likely why he went to a game at the school and met my colleague. 

    I went to graduate school school near Fort Lee (in Teaneck) but am not familiar with Edgewater. The only policemen I knew in my county were the two sons of a friend of my family who worked at a precinct for 48 yrs. She just retired. There are 21 counties in NJ and that was in Union County. 


Thanks, Bluejay. 


Very interesting, Amy. 

Thank you for the information!

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I have no idea who he is but I send my condolences to his family.

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Oh wow, Mr. Liotta gone way too soon indeed. What incredibly sad news following such horrific news lately.

Besides what everyone else has mentioned, he was also great in Marriage Story. The fact that he didn't come from a family of actors, or even really was someone who treated the acting life like something synonymous with "celebrity" life, was refreshing to see. He took the job seriously, but saw it as a job, and not an all-encompassing life-defining style. 

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He was vyer young, very true that he is gone too soon.

   I loved that movie, Marriage Story.  It was probably one of the best films he was in, IMO, besides Field of Dreams. 


Great movie choice Sapph. After having the pleasure of sharing a few conversations with you recently, I can see why you would enjoy this movie.  

Marriage Story is one of RL later films. Law is right up my alley, so Ray Liotta character as a intense ruthless lawyer in this movie was quite interesting to me. 

Ray Liotta is versatile actor, all which makes him a brilliant actor. I've enjoyed many of movies. In fact, I hope to catch the few I haven't seen on Netflix soon, if available.


Yes, a good revisit of Ray Liotta films would be nice to do, Sandy. Sadly to say I have not actually seen Goodfellas, but, there's no time like the present. And, Field of Dreams is an excellent film, I agree with both you and Amy.


Amy, SandyGirl & Sapph1eeyes,

You're the first one to mention Goodfellas, Sapph1eeyes. I'm surprised at that. I thought more would mention that film over the others, lol. The Goodfellas film is definitely a must see. 

I agree with SandyGirl & Amy  regarding Field of Dreams.  SandyGir'ls review in her answer is right on. I enjoyed that film with my father the year before he died. A treasured memory. Field of Dreams & Goodfellas are my top two Ray Liotta films choices. I believe I saw all his films, all very good with good to great cast of actors.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Liotta many years ago since Newark, New Jersey is one of my stomping grounds. He's a really cool decent guy! I have family and friends that lives there, and other areas of New Jersey too. I'm from Queens, NY making New Jersey quite relevant to many of us New Yorkers, and vice versa.


Oh that's too funny, I didn't even realize no one else had mentioned Goodfellas. Even though I haven't seen it that's the first movie that comes to mind for me when I think of Ray Liotta!

How nice that you got to meet him, Sam. He did seem like a very nice, genuine person. Really too bad he's gone already.

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