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What do you think the World would have looked like now?
in Politics by (17,520 points)

5 Answers

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First off, I would have been depressed if he had won. Secondly, because Putin was his girlfriend, Trump would have talked him out of it, or Putin would wait for Trumps term to be over before he invaded, which he did sooner. 

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I think Trump would have helped Putin with his invasion plans even if he did it secretly somehow. Trump is extremely petty & vindictive so helping the invasion would have gotten him revenge on Ukraine for not making shit up against Biden, plus it would have pleased Putin, to whom Trump is beholden. 

by (2,506,170 points)
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It would look pretty much the same. 

A lot of the issues we are having is because of what started in 2020.   

Trump wouldn't have stopped putin from invading ukraine.    

One report from an ex where house staffer: putin thought Trump was a fucking idiot.    He kept having to repeat s6tiff cuz Trump didn't understand  a lot.  

 Bird flu: wiped out millions of chickens. 

Chip shortage:  dealers are d just about doubling the price of cars because of it.      Used cars.   

Baby formula?  Yea that's on Trump and his nafta replacement.  100% his fault.  

It limited the amount of formula we could get from Canada. 

abbot  the US company owns 40% of the market 

the other   4 ? companies own the remaining 60%.

High gas prices?  High inflation?

Would still exist in every  country.  

by (59,800 points)
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Trump would have said, "Let's see what happens." Or "There is no war." Don't want people to panic.

by (4,294,151 points)
+2 votes

Pretty easy call here.  Trump was always an apologist for Putin's behavior, no matter what was done or said.  He took Putin's "we didn't do nuttin'" over his own intelligence community's evidence over and over.  

Trump would have said, "Those areas are already under Russian control; the people there are Russian speaking; they want to be part of Russia.  We need to stay out of it. NATO needs to stay out of it.  They don't even pay their fair share of the NATO dues, and this kind of spending by NATO countries reinforces my actions in the next couple of days: We are going to withdraw from NATO."

And there you have it, Next up... changing election laws to allow him to rule for an additional 2 terms... and then another one... etc.

by (922,200 points)
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