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Who? Where? When? How? 

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I answered a similar question on here (AR) late last year. So, my answer may sound familiar to those who remember. 
Many major movies have been filmed in my area of Western New York/Buffalo, NY over the years. I live in an out ring suburb(country/rural) area just outside of Buffalo, NY. Where I've had the pleasure of meeting many famous people. I'll be leaving some out due to running with the most memorable.
I met Keanu Reeves and Bradley Cooper at different times, first when they were both scouting here, and then again when they were filming here. Singer Rick James. Comedian Steve Martin, who was an absolute hoot to meet.  
Robert Redford, who  was very handsome when filming The Natural many years ago ..Glen Close and Robert Duvall who were also in that movie but I didn't personally meet them. 

My grandparents played extras in the movie Best Friends with Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn, who we met. My grandparents were extras in the Buffalo, NY train station scene (Central Terminal) nothing major. I was very young then but I remember being there with my my parents during that shoot with my grandparents, very exciting. 

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting, and actually roller skating with the comedian Leo Gallagher, when vacationing in Florida many years ago. I use to figure, disco skate, and speed skate, all on roller skates. I started as a child when I was 5 years old and continued. I prefer roller skating over ice skating, but I can do both well. Many here know that I'm an athlete through and through. To continue; there was an age difference between Gallagher and I. I was in my twenties then so old enough, and old enough to enjoy and remember it well. Gallagher is extremely funny, and entertaining. I worked as a clown riding unicycle at amusement park to entertain child of all ages, so Gallagher and I connected and had fun with it. I remember it very well! In fact, I still enjoy roller skating when I can along the Buffalo/Tonawanda Canalside and waterfront that all connect when the weather is permitting. 
The casting calls for these movies are a lot a fun to attend. There has been a lot of security changes over the years though. 

I, also, met Jessica Alba on a plane about 4 plus years ago. She is lovely. I've been to many concerts, but I can't say I actually met any of them personally or came close enough to be star struck like the ones above. Except for Rick James, as mentioned, who I met  at Buffalo Bills game. 

There's many Buffalo-Native actors too that still have family here so they visit often, I'm told they are often incognito, lol. I came close to meeting Jim Carrey too, but I never actually got to speak with him. I was very disappointed about thatI met and followed the famous Goo Goo Dolls in their earlier years, as they're from Buffalo, NY. :)
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You are lucky you got to meet some of the best! I'd love to meet Steve Martin and Keanu. I've heard that Keanu is a super nice guy. Sounds like you have been living a very cool life. I am definitely envious! This is awesome.

What a wonderful and life-expanding experience you have had, Sandy!
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I shared a story on here a few months back about how my family was on a tour at Carlsbad Caverns with Val Kilmer a long time ago.

I otherwise don't have very interesting stories; I've occasionally seen other celebrities in public places but I've always kept to myself.

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I feel you, I don't really have any cool celebrity stories either. That's why I'm trying to live vicariously through others who have the cool stories lol.

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I've had contact with a number of celebrities in my life, not necessarily through any accomplishments or talents of my own.  I taught radio and tv in the Chicago area, and I took my kids on field trips to see several of the "Chicago Today"-type programs hosted by local celebs.  As the teacher/host for my students, who comprised a lot of the "audiences" for the shows, I often had the chance to talk with the hosts and their guests off camera.  People like Brent Musberger, Steve Martin, David Brenner, Jeff Goldblum, and Second City stars of the day were all guests I got to interact with.  Jim Belushi was a student of mine when I was a student teacher, and John was already a big name at the time.  When I was on the air as a radio announcer in the Chicago area, I had the chance to talk with agents and music performers. I was one of the "celebrities" who was among the phone answerers for a Jerry Lewis Telethon (I wasn't even a "D" list celeb... 99% of the people who ended up talking to me had no idea who I was.)  I've been in the audience on a few shows like Sally Jesse Raphael, Conan O'Brien.  I've been a presenter at some national conferences (both for Journalism and for English), and that put me in touch with some of the country's top journalists and authors, some of whom I got to know, and a couple who I count as friends.  When I moved to the Pittsburgh area, I was on the Executive Board of a Charitable foundation that housed the families of transplant patients, and through interviews on the local PBS station, I met several celebs who worked at and who passed through WQED.  When I took kids from school on a "Let's Go to Broadway" field trips (I think we did this 4-5 years), we saw Broadway shows and saw some celebs on the streets and in the studios in New York.  Mrs Media and I sat next to Jim Henson and his daughter at Sardi's once and chatted with him after dinner for a few minutes.  When I moved to the Pittsburgh area, I started my own mobile entertainment business (Mobile wedding DJ and MC) and was fortunate enough to have been employed by some "top names" in the Pittsburgh scene to do their family weddings and corporate events.  I got to know Bill Hillgrove (play by play announcer for the Steelers, partner of Myron Cope, who "invented" the Terrible Towel of Steelers fame).  When I was hired to play music during the breaks for the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra from New York City, here for a big corporate party, I met and got to know Buddy Morrow, a great trombonist from the Big Band era who had become the leader of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. When he learned that I had been a trombonist--dance, jazz, symphony trombone--, he offered to let me sit in on a set with the band and play his "spare trombone." I was blown away by the offer but couldn't bring myself to do it; my "lip" was so out of shape, I knew the sound I would offer up wouldn't be worthy of the band, so I bowed out.  After my teaching career, I did acting work, mostly as an extra, on a number of films and TV series which were shot in Pittsburgh like The Next Three Days and Love and Other Drugs and Mindhunter. I had the chance to talk with Russell Crowe, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Anne Hathaway (I think I've shared here that my conversation with her was perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life but funny!)  

ANYWAY... it was all a matter of being in the right place at the right time rather than being in the "in crowd" etc., etc.

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Very nice, Media!  I'm impressed!

Music is and always has been is a big part of my life, too. My whole family, in fact!


That is so cool. Are you originally from Chicago? I think we've discussed this before but I can't remember. My brother's best friend's God father is Jim Belushi (his parents are originally from Chicago). I remember as a kid Jim would gift him the coolest gadgets and toys. I specifically remember him gifting one of those electric scooters. (We all live/grew up in FL, but our parents grew up in Chicago)

You've had some fantastic experiences. Now I need to know about the embarrassing conversation you had with Anne Hathaway! Lol

My grandfather (who passed away before I was born) was a Chicago police officer and his partner on the job was Dennis Farina (he was a cop before he became an actor). I also met Kim Kardashian once at a Cowboys game in Dallas when she was dating Miles Austin. She was actually very nice. 

My mom used to hang out with and watch the band, Smashing Pumpkins play in their garage before they were famous. Her friend used to date one of the members.

That's about all I have to share lol.


I lived in Chicago for 12 years, moving to Wheaton to go to college and then remaining there to work at four jobs until we moved to the Pittsburgh area in the fall of 1979.  (The four jobs were teacher, AM/FM radio DJ, clothing salesperson in a men's clothing store, and bi-weekly newspaper columnist for the Warrenville Digest.)  

Interesting side story:  I regularly took my teaching paycheck to a bank in Wheaton to deposit it, and I also cashed or deposited my men's store and newspaper paychecks there as well.  One day, I took my check from the radio station into the bank to cash it (it was a really meager amount).  I signed the back of the check and slipped it under the cage bars to a rather attractive teller.  She had waited on me a number of times when I had the other checks, so I shouldn't have been a stranger to her.  She started to get the cash out of the drawer when she noticed my name and the station's logo on the check.  She looked at me, then back at the check, and she got all enthused, gushing, "You're __(my name)___????  You're ________????  Really???  You're ______????"  Embarrassed but still kind of savoring the moment, I said, "Well, I couldn't cash this check if I weren't ______, could I? <smirk>  She said, "We were listening to your show on Saturday night at our party! You're really FUNNY!!!"  Then she called out to the other tellers who had apparently been at the party, saying, "This is ______!" They all had customers but all waved and said hello, etc.  Then the teller looked around her cage area, and I figured she was looking for an extra deposit slip or some other piece of paper so she could get my autograph. (Hey, it happened sometimes...LOL)   I waited a second, and she picked up a marker and thrust her hand and the marker through the bars of the cage: "Would you sign my hand???"

I have to tell you that I had some really mixed feelings.  On one hand, I was flattered that an attractive young woman would be fussing over me to the point she wanted me to sign her hand.  It was a huge ego boost, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying that kind of attention.  On the other hand, though, it was discouraging.  Here I was, a teacher who had been locally published and who was on a couple of state level educational committees and who had given several seminars across the state on different aspects of teaching... and nothing.  No recognition, no enthusiasm, nothing.  Teach and help bring up our children?  Nada.  Work weekends at a radio station?  Sign my hand!  It was depressing.  ::smh::  I alternated between those emotions (and still do) every time I remember that event.  Oh, by the way, I didn't sign her hand.  "Really?" I said.  "Does this mean you won't ever wash your hand?" ::laughing with her::  I suggested that a personalized autograph on a deposit slip would last longer if she really wanted my autograph, and she went with that.  

End of Story:she and the tellers called me at the station the next weekend; I played a request for them and dedicated it to "the best tellers in the Chicago area!"  They were happy.

P.S.  I have followed Jim's career and have thought of trying to contact him every once in a while just to say hello, to wish him well, and reminisce about "the good old days at Wheaton Central."  If you ever get the opportunity to talk with him, tell him his student teacher in English from his junior year says hello.  :-)


I've never personally spoken to or met Jim, but I will tell my friend to relay this message :)

And I'm not surprised at all about being recognized by the teller for being on the radio vs someone giving recognition for the tough job of teaching. Our society values the wrong things, instead of the right things. As soon as I read that the teller asked if you would sign her hand, my first thought was, "She's not going to be washing her hand ever again?!?!" LOL people are funny.

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First celebrity ( before she was known) Oprah Winfrey.   

She was signing autographs  Ohio state fair 1985.   

I was 9 then.   

Technically I didn't actually meet him but did walk by him spring of 2001 when he played at a local mall. 

Blake Shelton.    He was against a wall talking to kids.  

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That's awesome! Did you get an autograph from Oprah? 

I love Blake Shelton. You came across both celebrities right before they made it big, so cool!


Did get her autograph but long since lost.  

I forgot one.

George Wentz.  The guy from Cheers.  Early 90s his brother in law was running against John Boehner and was signing autographs.   


I used to watch all of the Cheers re-runs, love that show. Was Oprah friendly? My mom met Gayle King (Oprah's best friend) at the airport once. And my dad met Mr. WONDERFUL from Shark Tank at the airport as well...I was jealous of that one lol. Wished I was there.


I remember her calling me blue eyes.    

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I have met a few, although probably not known to some here. When I was very young, there was a show on television called "Dark Shadows". The film with Johnny Depp came out as a remake of that show some years ago. At 3:30 every day after school, I ran home to watch this scary show. I was obsessed with it.  Once in school on a trip to a museum and then Central Park (in NYC) I was with a group of girls--the teachers had let us roam a bit around the area,  I noticed the little girl who played the character "Amy" on the show. nearby. She was playing also with a group of girls, and they all; had these  navy-blue school uniforms. I was almost speechless whenI saw her, and along with my friends I approached her and asked her if she was "Amy" on Dark Shadows. She looked as if she had been tired of being asked, and stomping her foot on the ground, said in a haughty voice, "Yes! I am! " Oh well. 

Those of you who know who Danny the K was--I was in a movie that he was in --also in Central Park--with the singing group called "The Toys". We were on a trip again, and my 3rd grade teacher was all excited because he was there shooting a movie. We didnt know who he was--but we were told to dance, was all, and we did as they filmed us. 

When I was in my late teens there was a sports newscaster I (and some others) was in love with: Tony Hernandez of Channel 2 or 7 news. It came to be that I was standing  outside on a line to go watch a movie with my sister and brother, and he was behind us (about 3 people down). I was so excited I couldn't talk. THE Tony Hernandez was right there--with his girlfriend. So I later noticed he had not come in until everyone had come in and he was escorted by a staff worker there in the dark, with a flashlight. He was about 2 rows behind us.

And now for the nitty gritty. I actually went to school with an actor (graduated with him) and didnt know it until my brother spotted him in my yearbook many years later. He is the actor Luis Guzman (real name Hector Luis Guzman), and he has been in many films and HBO shows, such as Oz. He was in Anger Management (with Jack Nicolson and Adam Sandler), Carlito's Way, and in the remake of The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 with John Travolta. He's been in many more, but I have only seen those. He is a short, chubby Hispanic man and I wonder if you or anyone here knows who he is.  What's more interesting is that my sister was recently on a flight to Los Angeles with him, took a picture of him and her together without their masks--and sent it to me. If there was a way to put it on here I would. 

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I do know who Luis Guzman is! I've watched a lot of movies he's been in. That's crazy how your sister ended up running into him in LA! It's hard not to run into someone well known in LA. When I was visiting there once, we ran into the pawn shop owner from the show "Pawn Stars." He was very nice.

Adam Sandler bought a house for his parents about 10 min from where I live and I know there have been multiple sightings of Adam around here like at the mall and local restaurants. Supposedly he's very friendly and will talk to everyone. I would love to meet him, Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors.

Going back to the grandma of mine who has a condo in Naples, she actually lives in the building next to Judge Judy in Naples. They go to eat at the same restaurants and are regulars at the same coffee shop when they are in town. It was a big talk of the town when judge Judy's husband was found out to be having an affair with one of the servers at the local coffee shop they all go to! Lol


I remember that, beautifulind. There's was many rumors about Judge Judy's husband cheating, at least 5. However, a site that debunks these things along with tabloid reports declared that all five stories on this were false, lol. Oh well, a lot of tales going on all the time. True maybe, maybe not. I don't like the gossip so I look to see if there's facts. I feel only those involved know for sure. 

Apparently, she has many homes too.


BeautifulMind, he was on her flight, not actually in LA itself!  I'm glad tyou know who he is.  He was in Traffic, too. My sister  does go to LA a lot to see her daughter, and that was very coincidental that he was on it.  I was amazed. She was on another flight many years ago where she was with the director, Spike Lee. She just happened to see him sitting in his seat. She has been lucky in seeing them--she also met Isabelle Allende at a book signing, a Chilean author. 

PS I know Judge Judy can be funny, but harsh in her manner with people.  I hadn't known she had problems with her husband. Imagine that, at the local coffee shop!  How embarrassing for her. 


Sam, for her sake I hope it's just a rumor and not true. All of the senior citizens in that area swear of it, but like you said could just be a rumor. They know the server it supposedly happened with as well, and shortly after this came out she left the job. Who knows if it was because of guilt or because of out of hand rumors. You know how those seniors love the gossip lol. I feel that if it is true, her husband should run because Judge Judy doesn't mess around! Lol

Amy, your sister has good luck coming across all these celebs! Spike Lee?!?! Very cool!


I like Judge Judy, she has a lot of spunk, tells it like it is. Her husband was a TV Judge too. I watched him before her show. I believe it's a rumor. I chalk it up as the same stuff that goes on everywhere, lol. This rumor reminds me of a women co-worker friend that I ran into at my favorite Manhattan pub, a few years back. We hugged openly, and quickly stuck up a conversation. I politely invited her to join me at the bar for a drink. Keep in mind this is a pub that I frequent often with my wife too. The regulars thought I was cheating on my wife, so ridiculous I thought, but the rumors kept on going. My wife later showed up but some of the regulars who knew me left before my wife came. They kept ragging on me for years, some still do. Probably why I hate gossip so much. My wife just laughs it off because I called my wife right away for her to join us, but she said she couldn't until she wraps things up with her client. She told me go ahead, to enjoy that she would join us, as soon as, she could. People love this stuff true or not, that's why these rags sell. 

I've been to Naples many of times too, and West Palm. I like Florida but not in the summer, it's too hot and humid. My wife hates the gators and the big bugs there. We went to Sanibel Island already this year, we had great time. We like visiting Florida in April the best.

Thanks for the convo BM.


Sam, people will gossip just to entertain themselves sometimes. That is too funny! 


Sam, that is true gossip right there. People get enjoyment out of getting involved in things they have no business in. The only thing that matters is that you and your wife know what really happened. Who cares what anyone else has to say about it, they're irrelevant. Let them talk, I'd just laugh it off. 

Florida is way too hot and humid in the summer. I just came back in from walking my dog and I'm already sweating lol. Ehhh the gators aren't a big worry, they stay away from people for the most part. You kind of have to go looking for them if you want to find one. And I live right next to the Everglades. The bugs are pesky, especially the palmetto bugs (flying roaches). Those are the worst! Sanibel Island is beautiful. I love FL in the winter lol. It's perfect at that time.


Very cool, Amy!

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I met P. Diddy during his album release tour, Rick Ross backstage at one of his concerts in Vegas, J. Cole during a tour stop at my former college, John Legend as a part of his security detail, and 50 Cent at an event for his cognac liquor brand. I copped a bottle and he autographed it. 

There will be more to come as I continue through life.

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You are so lucky! I grew up on Diddy and 50 cent. If you get to meet any more, I'd love to hear about it.


50 was chill and his security detail was dope too. I couldn't make it to their next event where it was a watch party for either Power or BMF series on Starz but I'm sure I may have been able to coordinate some kind of business talk with him. 

Diddy.... so I have a story. At the time I was rapping and I waited in line with an associate for an autographed copy of his at the time newly released "The Saga Begins" album with the lead single "Bad Boys 4 Life". I meet him and we had a very pleasant exchange. I then met people in his entourage and exchanged contact information. I called to see if the number was real and indeed, it was! Imagine my surprise when they asked me to rap on speaker phone in front of whomever was in the car. I killed the impromptu session but let's just say I never followed up on it b/c my immediate environment was more important. 


That is awesome! You should've pursued it! That's definitely a once in a lifetime kind of story. Do you still rap? 


You know the saying "it wasn't meant to be"? In this case, my heart wasn't there. Even if things progressed, I wouldn't have been happy. I'm fine with that.

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