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I don't have any regrets,  but there are things I wish hadn't happened, but I'm still breathing.

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At the end of the day it could be a lot worse, has always been my opinion. I'm lucky compared to some. Yes things could also be better and there are changes I would like to make but I tend to just go with the flow. However, securing a job is a welcome first step. Assuming it works out. But then it's going to bring in money.

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Good luck with that. 


Thank you.

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I think I would love to have had more time with my children and had more vacations together. We had many when they were younger--but I was very busy the years when my youngest was a teen, a crucial time in her life--and that was during the training I got for teaching Orton Gillingham.  That was from '04 until '06,  and I also had my teaching job which made it hard for me to not be tired to spend more time with them in the evening. I would come home exhausted. I don't regret I ever did that--but I do wish that had been different. 

Another thing I might mention is--looking at a girl in which I will post a video of later--not continuing playing the violin.  I would have enjoyed it today. 

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Balance is tough...I struggle with it as a parent too. 


Absolutely. It's the toughest job in the world. 

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I haven't accomplished my main goals in my life as of yet, but I am working towards them. I don't have a bad life, things are just different than I pictured them being by now. I do believe that life is what you make it and I'm trying to make it something that brings me happiness. That's my goal.

A change I would make is not to compare myself to others because everyone moves at their own pace and it's not a race. I am hard on myself and I've been trying to be kinder to myself. I've learned that the hardest person to love is often ourselves, and I am trying to change that. 
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You speak truth here that I could also apply to myself. 


This is very true. I am hard on myself too, and I think many of us are. I am my worst critic!

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Not even close !  I want-to (need-to) make sooooo many changes that my conundrum is picking which one should be the first one...

So I guess I'll pick the one change that will have the biggest impact on the rest ... and that is; abandoning my business of 20+ years (home-design/architecture) and go work for somebody else, which will (I hope) create a reliable/steady income and schedule so I can get-on with the rest of my changes (where I live, the house I live in, the vehicle(s) I drive, the people I know (or lack there-of), 'productizing' my stack of saleable house plans, designing/building my new company, it's logo, it's website, finally making the income I know is possible ... and on and on ...)

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Making me king would be a good start.

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Things could always be better, and they could always be worse. I'm practicing more gratitude and presence to make the best of what I've got. If I could make one change, it would be to get rid of my chronic health issues. If I could make a second, it would be to have enough money to buy my dream house :)

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I'll send some wishful energy your way.  You deserve them both.



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“If I could turn baaaack time!” Lol!

I do regret my progressive disease that led to a failed back surgery. It has all been downhill for that last 12 years.

I was a very young 57yo when the disease offset my spine requiring immediate emergency surgery.

The pain has been significant starting months before the surgery and continuing to this day. 24x7, 365 days a year.

Even my pain pills fall short of numbing it.

But I am grateful to have a great outlook and I am still living though the disease is silently twisting and torturing my major and minor joints!

Mother Angelica ( Catholic tv personality ) once said all pain is sacred and prepares us for our next life in heaven! I’m not Catholic but watched her program anyways after I got off work 2 nd shift. I thought that statement was one of the deepest explanations I had ever heard and was slack jawed by the end of her program.

If she is correct, perhaps I best not make any changes?

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Not to have such a bad temper, to think before I speak and act. 

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