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in Fears/Phobias by (50,220 points)

6 Answers

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Truth can be a bit inconvenient.

by (4,256,451 points)

I hear that's what Al Gore says


I've heard the same thing. It's no coincidence.


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"Dare" would seem to be the obvious choice, but I think there is also something daunting about "truth" as well. The only difference is that you can lie with the "truth" option, with "dare" you actually have to go through with it...hence, why more people choose "truth."

by (213,070 points)

So......truth or dare?


I play it safe because I'm a truth for me lol

+1 vote

Neither, but I always enjoy dare because it's the one everyone seems to hate doing the most.

by (73,940 points)

You make it sound pretty commonplace in your life. What was the last dare that you went through with?


Oh it's hard to remember the most recent. I grew up in a pretty daring family, everyone constantly pulling pranks on each other and daring each other to do ridiculous things, which I think is the reason why dares to me often don't seem that big of a deal. Granted, I won't do something I think is too dangerous or makes someone else's life harder, and I also won't do anything that's illegal, but like being dared to go up and talk to some random stranger or to wear something silly or to try eating a dog treat...that's all harmless, and yes, all things I've done.

The trick is to never do the dare for free ;)

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Dare, I never accept dares!

And I’ve never played Truth or Dare as it came along much later than my youth.

Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies! Lol!

by (894,020 points)
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Back in my younger, more foolish days, I participated in some tantalizing T or D games.  There were limits.  We always started with T, and D only happened when we were pretty sure what the range of the D would be.

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