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Go out and kill something today why don't you ?!  You know it's in your genes, so why bother fighting the urge ?!

Watching the morning news for probably a whole 2 minutes today, I can easily sum it up with one word --> KILL !

... some guy killed another guy ...  some country on the other side of the world is still invading it's neighbor country and killing people ... a bear was wandering around a mountain town around here, so they killed it ... I mean what else could the humans have done ?!  

If in doubt - KILL IT !

And I wonder why I'm really starting to hate humans ?!  Duh !  It's just 'me being me' (human), I'm so irritated maybe I should go out and kill something ... and then maybe I'd feel all better !  

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11 Answers

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Dear FBI Guy That's Watching Us,

Are you seeing this?

by (57,350 points)

Unquestionably watching!

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Thou shalt not kill. It's not rocket science.

Life is what you make it.

by (4,064,631 points)

Yeah, "thou shalt not kill" written in the book studied by billions for ages ... that professes 'love' by killing the only 'heavenly son' brought here to 'save' humanity, and we wonder why humans are so messed-up ?! 




Put the word kill into a post on Facebook and it will get taken down automatically. Key word I'm guessing.

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It's always under construction, but I choose LIFE! ♡

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (575,270 points)
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Yesterday i killed a fifth of Peach Brandy!

by (422,160 points)

LOL! Be careful with that, Blue Jay!


Make that Blackberry Brandy for me, Buddy!


See !  "KILL" is so ingrained in our vernacular, we even use it to describe the pleasant experiences ...  how human of you !

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If a spider counts, yes. It was on the wall, and I usually leave it alone if it's small. This wasn't small, so I took a tissue and flushed it down the toilet. I heard that we eat around 7 spiders yearly while we sleep, so I dont like to see them in the bedrooms.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

by (1,157,550 points)

Show them the door, Amy. Lol!


Yes, although my posting of this question was inspired by the killing of larger, more complex creatures, your killing example is actually helpful in pointing-out where this planet's most accomplished killers likely start to hone their killing skills ...  no judgement here ! 

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They do say man is The Most Dangerous Game....

by (78,010 points)

That is true. Saw that on a sign once at a zoo, "Man is regarded  as the most feared or threat by other animals", or something to that effect.  I don't visit zoos anymore. I don't like to seeing caged animals. 


Zoos are a tricky establishment, and in my opinion not "all bad" (hah, "not all Zoos" - but hear me out). One good purpose that zoos provide is exposure to and education about various wildlife, which is particularly great for young children to generate an appreciation for the natural world around them. For many people, if they are not given any opportunity for exposure or education, it's hard for them to develop an appreciation and  I do personally wish zoos focused more on highlighting local wildlife and preserving biodiversity, rather than wanting to have exotic animals from far off places that do not fit into the climate or ecosystem where the zoo is located (therefore creating an unnatural environment just for these exotic creatures, which is incredibly expensive). But, I know the big exotic creatures are often what attracts more visitors, and brings in more money, so it's a bit of a catch-22.

Another good purpose that zoos provide are those zoos that are sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers for animals that have been severely injured in the wild, and so they are visiting while in recovery, or after recovery they no longer would be able to survive in the wild, so the zoo provides a permanent safe home for them. The zoos that focus on this do tend to be better at creating an environment with the animal's needs in mind first and foremost, then with the educational component targeted at visitors as secondary.

So in my mind, zoos that are most like what I've described above, I'm personally still in favor of and think there's a good purpose for. But I completely understand where you're coming from, Amy, and how sad it is to see animals who are in cages or small exhibits where they do not get enough stimulation or the right habitat needs met, and that is incredibly sad and should absolutely change as soon as possible. Animals are not at all for our entertainment.


I see your points, Sapph, and all very good ones. I especially like this point"

<Another good purpose that zoos provide are those zoos that are sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers for animals that have been severely injured in the wild, and so they are visiting while in recovery, or after recovery they no longer would be able to survive in the wild, >

This serves the purpose of saving those animals who would otherwise be in great trouble should they be in contact with predators. I also like that children can learn from them and see them in the wild. That said--I prefer a zoo with as much freedom as possible, with natural surroundings and which you can observe from afar. Aside from that, I am not a fan of zoos. I have seen too many animals in small cages, some sick, and not being taken care of properly,  in dirty living conditions. This was both in NJ and in NYC at the Central Park Zoo.  I have seen the San Diego Zoo with the monorail and was very impressed by the natural living conditions that the animals, in particular the lions, were in. 


The San Diego Zoo is really amazing, yes! But I agree with you, I think most zoos are not the ideal setup, and are not healthy for animals, like what you've seen. That's mostly what I've seen too. The Monterey Bay Aquarium on the central coast of California is a great example of a marine rehabilitation center, but a rare establishment. Have you seen that documentary Blackfish? About the orca whales kept in captivity at Seaworld? Such a sad film but it brought much needed attention to the mistreatment of those great animals, and made people think much more intentionally about other animals in captivity as well.

No, I didn’t see that documentary, but it does sound very sad indeed. I will look for it. You’re talking about Seaworld in California? There is another in Florida. 
   One of the zoos in NJ had to close because the animals became sick and were dying, the Tutleback Zoo. 
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A green fly yesterday! Most satisfying!

The Leftists have left us!

by (1,071,470 points)
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Oh yes, I committed a mass genocide of the fruit flies that had taken a liking to my kitchen this past week. A bowl of vinegar with a spot of dish soap did the trick.

by (699,830 points)

I have little flies that are hard to get rid of. These aren't fruit flies, just pesky ones that come in when I open the doors to the backyard. 

+2 votes

What I killed? My workouts the past few days. 

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

by (1,229,750 points)

See !  "KILL" is so ingrained in our vernacular, we even use it to describe the (positive) accomplishments we achieve ...  Congrats !  (how human of you !)

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If I told you, I'd have to kill you. 

by (198,410 points)

Don't tell me, then... just hint around a lot.  I can take SOME pain... but not a lot.  ;-)



We've all gotta go sometime. Bring it on.


"If I told you, I'd have to kill you."  <--- of course you would, you are human after all !  ;-)


I'm also Italian..that might have something to do with it too lol

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Flys in the kitchen! Im dapper with the old fly spray !

by (8,110 points)

I do that in the garage, but not in the kitchen. You don't want to breathe that stuff in! I sometimes use a water spray bottle.


mmmmm ... yeah !  Chemical Warfare, a most efficient human way to kill stuff ...! 


I thats true, I end up ducking for cover at time cos it hangs in the air like fog and then falls on you if you dont get out the way! But it is effective and I can not stand Flies smh.

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