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holy crap. I just found out that partner is with a sex worker and hes been making submissive videos for sale…I am disgusted!!!! Holy s…. Wtf. Who is this person I am supposedly married to? Omg. I can’t wait to divorce him. Omg this is everything I was against!  Omg its so bad I can’t even tell a soul let alone our family about. Its so bad. I can’t even tell the kids until they are 50! Holy crap. I am shocked. I am traumatized. What do I do now? He’s ruined our lives! Not to mention he’s using our money to pay her! 

It keeps getting worse. Its sooo bad. I can’t deal! He will ruin his children future! Omg I am losing my mind right now! 

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4 Answers

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Does not sound good. I suggest you take him to the cleaners.

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It looks as if he didn’t care who found these and all his other secrets. Keep them for you lawyers. I’m glad this is opening up your eyes and you sound stronger. Hang in there. 

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Ty I am getting better knowing that I am refusing to accept any part of this. I won’t let this rob me of my mental health or self esteem. Now that I finally understand what I am dealing with here. I just can’t believe this. I am so shocked, I am so numbed that there’s no room to cry anymore 

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Sounds bad.  I assume you have a good lawyer.  

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Open a bank account that has only your name on it.  Move all of your assets into your account to keep him from taking any more of your money.  

File for divorce. Find a place to stay.  Get good legal advice. Maybe start with the legal advice after you open the new bank account.

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