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Some nof you will appreciate this. I know I do!

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2 Answers

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Thanks for this. I have Diabetes and have been learning stuff like this to help me manage it. A few things. Whole food is good. I get bread that contains a lot of seeds. Coffee I was surprised to read is not a problem. I monitor my blood sugar levels. Intense exercise and walking I have found to be very important and extremely effective in dropping blood sugar levels fast and in the long term. A bout of exercise will have your body working on blood sugar for up to 24 hours. Can't learn enough of this stuff.

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You’re welcome, Blue. I’m glad you found this helpful for you. This doctor is well known for his knowledge of how food works and what’s good for people, and what is not. 

  I too like the grainy breads. Note he mentions fat is not bad as most think. It’s better to have that than sugar. That’s my weakness, but I also have cholesterol I need to watch so I can have only small amounts of that. 

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Thx Amy! 

I don’t crave sugar at all, however carbs are another matter!

I cheated a little bit lately and my number went to 150.

Not astronomical, but I know better.

This morning it was 139 and hopefully I’ll be back on track in no time!

I’ve been a baaaad girl!

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Tbf I struggle to eat anything outside of protein and salads, I fill up too fast for carbs. 


Good for you!

Keep your proteins low fat!

Great habits to have.


Welcome! You’re lucky not to crave sugar. But I hear dark chocolate is better and good for you as well, so I’m eating berries for sweetness and dark chocolate. 

   One morning a few days ago my blood sugar was 105. That’s still high for just after waking. So I need to watch my intake of hidden sugars. Btw, carbs are not good for people with high sugar levels. Oatmeal would raise your sugar levels up really high. Low glycemic foods are better. 


One of my bigger factor are not being able to exercise with the arthritis and all. When I was way more active it kept my weight down, plus I didn’t even occasionally cheat!

I have to brush myself off and get with the program!!!


Well for now, you cant do much being sick. So it's rest time for you.

   I cant run, because of a problem knee withe a history of a torn meniscus. But I walk nearly every day and I am doing evenings too. Are you able to do this.even if at a slower pace? 


Unfortunately no. My back starts yelling from where my fusion , rods , plates and screws are. Basically I am Bionic!

I do work with bands while seated!


That's good to know. Are these the bands that you place on your legs and pull to increase your muscle strength? 


Similar I tie them to my 4 poster bed and work out my arms and shoulders where I have posture problems that add to significant neck pain. I just finished neck therapy this week it seemed to help

Come to think of it, that’s probably where I picked up this virus!


Very possbile!  I am afraid to catch this. I think from my immediate family--only my older brother, both sisters, and myself as well as most cousins have NOT caught the virus.  A niece, her daugher and husband had it, and so has a nephew of mine. Two babies had it! 


Good for you Amy!

I had Covid January 2021.

I didn’t have it bad. I wasn’t hospitalized or anything!

I raised the ‘white flag of surrender’ the third day!

The.body aches , headaches and off and on low grade fever lasted three weeks similar to what I have now! I am a Wuss!

You sure don’t want it!


I'm praying I wont get it. I have asthma, use an inhaler for it,  and it would do me in.  

The headaches I get from the shots are pretty bad--the first time especially. I am due for another booster next month. 

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