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They are going through a divorce that has not been finalized!

What are his options?

He’s stumped!

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2 Answers

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This actually does happen a lot. Please know that your cousin will need to seek the state and local laws in his own state because they differ.

 Who owns the horse? That will be one of the first questions asked, which then will determine if this is considered abandonment, or not, or other. Even if your cousin doesn't own the horse he's responsible to take care of this domestic animal/horse, for right now; shelter, food, water, and he's responsible for any of it's actions. He needs to call animal control asap, and inform them of the situation, and go from there.  The good news is he knows who dropped off the horse, and assuming it belongs too the ex, then the responsibility will be put back on her. The rest depends on the laws in his state, with a court of law there to handle. Good luck to your cousin, and his daughter, lady4u.
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Oooh thank you! He’s at his wits end!


Yes, his ex owns the horse. He has stables but works full time and sometimes overtime, weekends etc. It’s not like he can just turn the horse out all day in Texas heat.

The ex thought their daughter would enjoy the horse. Gave him no heads up!!

Came home to a horse in the stall!


You're welcome, lady4u! 

This sounds like something that will easily be worked out with some  communication, cooperation, and planning. Those three steps will definitely make everyone happy, including the horse! : )


I think her lack of planning and communication has him bewildered. She acts as immature as their 17 yo daughter. If the daughter wants a horse his ex just gets the horse. Oh jeez!


A common problem that can be easily fixed and solved, but it takes two! Oh jeez, is right!

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Happens a lot. I had three horses dropped off unexpectedly only the other day. Didn't like to mention it.

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That’s because you’re the Horse Whisperer!





Could be!


I love my Tri's.

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