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I made this up, don't worry. :D

  1. Do you know your bank acct number by heart?   If it is a checking act, add 1 point if you can remember the routing number as well.
  2. Can you remember what you had for breakfast or dinner last night?
  3. Do you know where your keys and cell phone (if applicable) are? 
  4. Can you remember the last movie you saw in a theater?
  5. What time did you go to bed last night?
  6. Can you remember the last text you got from someone? 
  7. Do you remember (even vaguely) last night’s dream?  1 extra point if you can recall vivid details from the dream.
  8. Do you remember the toys you had as a child?  One extra point of you can remember your favorite.
  9. Can you remember the name of your best friend as a child? 
  10. Can you remember the last appointment you had with a doctor? 

  Give yourself 2 points for each question you can honestly answer, and any extra points. Now, add all of your points and rate yourself on the scores below:

20 points or more:  Excellent memory!  You recall everything, congrats! 

14 -19 points: Not bad at all!  You can rely on your memory most times. Way to go!

10 - 13 points: We need to do some memory exercises here. Play some memory games to help you. 

5-9 points: Time to do those crossword puzzles. 

0-4 points:  Can’t remember anything? Time to see a doctor. 

This test is a made up test by me of course, and not to be taken seriously. But if you think you need to get better, try everything and anything to help yourself!! 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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7 Answers

+2 votes

Darn! (17) points for me, Amy. I wanted (22), of course. Lol. (#5). The time I went to bed last night, and (#7). Remembering last night's dream(s), is what kept me from that perfect (22) score.

I enjoyed this Just For Fun, Amy.  l've always liked memory games. 

: )

Edited to update: (18) points for me. I overlooked an extra point!

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (544,750 points)
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I got the same number of points and missed the same questions as you. However, odd as it may be, I remember the previous night's dream and not last night's!


Wait a sec, I got 18. Did you remember a favorite toy? Mine was Penny Bright, the first posable doll! 


Same here, Amy. I missed that extra point for remembering my favorite toy. I just got finished reading the questions over again, lol. (18) points for me too, lol. Funny we missed the same ones. Looking forward to seeing what the others score!

+2 votes

19 pts for me.

However I have gone on a desperate hunt for me glasses before. Even checked the bathroom thinking I must have laid them down before washing my face before going to bed. As I caught a glance in the mirror, they were sitting neatly atop my head! Isn’t that crazy?

The Leftists have left us!

by (1,045,010 points)

Good for you! Good memory. 


If you don't mind me asking, lady4u. Which question did you miss?


(1) bank account number. Some days I have trouble rattling off my social security number!

+1 vote

Please. I'm lucky if I can remember my own name Amy!

Life is what you make it.

by (4,056,341 points)

LOL!  It cant be that bad, Blue.  I have to admot though--the only way I know about my bank acct is that I am forced to write it down at the bank. The routing number is simple because the numbers are almost in a particular sequence.   

   I cant remember what I had for dinner or lunch sometimes, even the day before. 

+1 vote

It's 17 points for me. I drew a blank on remembering my routing number, lost one point there. Plus, I couldn't remember my dream, losing 2 more points on that one. Some dreams I can remember vividly, some I never get back.

by (124,500 points)

Those dreams you can only remember if they're early in the mornign and very vivid. Most people have about 17 dreams nightly--from very short to long. I've had some long ones that were like novels! 

+1 vote

I got 17! I don't have my bank account memorized, and am surprised that other people do? But I do have card numbers memorized, so maybe that should count for something :)

I also don't remember what I dreamt last night. And, just for interesting info, since I really enjoy the science of sleep and dreams (and the brain in general!), while there is some correlation between dream recollection and better memory consolidation overall, this does not necessarily mean those who remember their dreams have better memory recall overall. There are different recall processes for different types of memories, and our dreams even happen in different parts of the brain and in different stages of our sleep. So, dream recollection is more correlated to healthy sleeping patterns and stress-free waking conditions than general memory - at least for now, according to science!

by (78,010 points)

Thanks for dream sagacity, Sapp1. I needed that wisdom, lol. 

Now to find my keys? (jk)


Anytime, Sam!

I try to always leave my wallet and keys in the same purse, and leave my purse in the same place. 99 times out of 100, I know exactly where everything is...but that rare situation where I may have decided to be fun and whimsical to choose another purse, or I was too tired to put my purse in its usual spot....I have NO idea where my essential things are!


I think you are doing well, Sapph, doing what you do (putting objects in the same places, etc. I used to go crazy looking for my keys, and my girls would tease me me about it. Now I have them in my purse in the same spot as well. 

   About the brain and your dreams--you're right, it doesnt prove you have a better memory if you do remember them. The time when you have them does count --if you have them early in the morning before waking, then you may be able to remember them more, especially if they are vivid.    I'll tell you one thing--when I fast, I remember my dreams more clearly and down to last detail. The science behind that is that your body begins to make new brain cells and gets rid of the the old worn-out  cells that are not whole anymore, and I think that's called autophagy. It's good for older folks like me. :)

+1 vote

15, I can't remember the movie toy or friend. I think that's all, I can't remember  


LOL, I just went to see a film last Thursday.  That's the only way I remember that one. My best friend, I'll always remember --we were  always together on after shcool and weekends playing with our dolls. 

+1 vote

It's a 20 for me thanks to some of the extra credit along the way.  Only one I didn't know is my own bank account number.  I could spout off about a dozen bank account numbers I manage at my job but not even my own, lol. 

by (57,350 points)

Good going, PS. The bank acct can be tricky if it's long. Mine is 10 digits long--but I learned it this way:  3 digits, 3 digits, and then 4. 

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