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3 Answers

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Muriel's Wedding and the I'd rather chew razor blades line.

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Haven't seen that movie in ages...I always thought the Waterloo scene was great and how they just kept singing along when the place was in like a full brawl. 


I've watched it twice. Three times max.

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My time in Italy, I worked there as an Au Pair when I was 17 for a year. The woman I worked for had an ABBA L.P. I played it all the time while being an overworked, underpaid skivvy.

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Lol at least you enjoyed the music.  I'm sure that was an experience. 

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I just liked listening to them, is all. They wre not a particular favorite of mine. 

I just saw a great film with Toni Colette,  *Muriel's Wedding",  and she was crazy about that group.  Good movie, too. 

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