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What's next?  Woman need to leave the employment market when they get married?


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Of course they did it.  They leaked the preliminary ruling to prime everyone.  They are republicans and assholes after all.  They think it is their job to keep the country pure, run by men and women in their place.  Yesterday they announced that everyone could carry guns, but they have special protection so no one can use a gun on them.

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Yeah, miss you must carry that baby to term but we will do nothing to ensure it won't get shot going in school. School is a dangerous place


And if you don't die, we don't provide health care either.


But be sure to own your house cause we're taking it if the child gets cancer.

Your turn


And if they survive the state will provide the poorest education possible. We don't want to tax any rich people.

But you don't need to know shit to be President, every cloud and all that.

The irony of living in these "United" states. Far from the truth. 


I just read— a woman can travel to another state to have this done. States cannot ban you, and the state you reside in cannot stop you either. So I imagine this will happen frequently now. Canadian women have also said they used to come here to have this performed, I don’t think they will have this option now. But if they go to California, or any northeastern state they might. 


In Texas, they have forbidden state to state travel for the purpose of an abortion.  Any civilian can blow the whistle and sue not only the woman but anyone who aid and abets her.  For example, if you give her bus fare or drive her to the bus station, you're liable for the civil suit in court.

These idiots have done what they have been promising to do for 50 years, and that makes me say, "Be careful what you wish for."  My sincere hope is that Americans will wake up--finally--and say, "Good lord, what the hell are you doing?  You made carrying a concealed handgun easier in the state of New York.  Now you have set women's rights back two generations.  Next you'll be going after gay marriage, etc.  Yet while you are obviously pro-BIRTH, it is equally obvious that you are not pro-LIFE, or you'd make sure that unwed mother AND HER child are clothed, fed, given health care, and have affordable housing provided.  Further, you'd make sure the schools that child attends are giving good educations, and you'd make sure those schools were safe from serial killers, bullies, racists, and other extremists.  BUT... will you DO that? Of COURSE not."

If you are one who agrees with that sentiment, be sure NOT just to TALK about this.  VOTE in the upcoming elections.  Make sure these idiots can no longer say "You don't have to wear a mask that might keep others from dying" but "You DO have to carry your rapist's baby to term."

Clean house in November.  Hold accountable these people who voted against  the infrastructure bill but who went to their home districts and said, "Look what WE (meaning *I*) did for you!!!!"  Force them to say whether they believe the Qanon nonsense about stolen elections, pedophilia and child trafficking by all Democrats, etc.  Expose them for what they are: self-serving bigoted arrogant power hungry pompous asses who lie every time their lips move.  VOTE!!!!  


Media, you are so right. It’s said this is just the beginning and that they will come after more now and ban other things now in effect, such as gay marriages. 

 I’m surprised Texas can do that. I read Brett Kavanaugh had said states cannot stop you from going to another state to have an abortion performed in another state. 

I get upset with those religious zealots who cry murder for an unborn fetus and yet have no problem with gun ownership and loose gun laws. You are absolutely right. Hoping that many will see this as a wake up call and many of these men will lose their seats in November.


I stand corrected.  Currently, women in Texas can travel legally to another state for an abortion. However, this news just in:  " And notably, some Texas lawmakers have signaled a desire to push legislation that would make it illegal for people to travel out of state to get the procedure."


Aha, That makes me wonder if there’ll be a lot of lying going on. They can say they’re traveling to see family, and have the procedure done. But then through insurance it would trace what happened, and there they would get caught. So that would bring people going to places where the practice would not be safe for women. :/

   Let’s hope that this is a wake up call for people to get out in November and vote these congressmen out of their seats. 


There has ALREADY been a lot of lying going on.

For example, Brett Kavanaugh assured Susan Collins of Maine that he would not overturn Roe v Wade, and he told Congress he saw that decision as stare decisis, which "is a legal doctrine that obligates courts to follow historical cases when making a ruling on a similar case. Stare decisis ensures that cases with similar scenarios and facts are approached in the same way. Simply put, it binds courts to follow legal precedents set by previous decisions."  Obviously, he lied.  

Justice Clarence Thomas said that abortion "Is not deeply rooted in the Nation's history and tradition."  Apparently, he FORGOT that through much of the 1800s, abortion was freely available and there were multitudinous newspaper ads touting the procedure and selling chemicals that would accomplish it, etc.  It has been estimated that about one in every five women had some kind of abortion in those years.  It was legal until the late 1800s, when states passed laws saying there would be no legal abortions after "quickening," or the moment the fetus first moved inside the  womb.  So THAT was a lie in the sense that he is either ignorant of history or he decided that history doesn't count unless it's the history HE wants or he just didn't do any research before saying what he said.

So will there be MORE lying?  Ha! 


Well, knowing his history about not telling the truth about what happened in HIS past,  tells me Kavanaugh won’t be truthful now. It’s surprising that people such as him AND Clarence Thomas — both guilty of abuse of women—are Supreme Court Justices— quite ironic to be honest. 

   I am hoping women won’t turn to places that are unsafe for them to have these procedures performed. This overturn may cause desperate women do do just that. 

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Now more than ever I am incredibly grateful to be living in the state that I do. 

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Right! But there is no ban on traveling to another state to get an abortion. From Brett Kavanaugh’s mouth, surprisingly. 


Right, which helps those who have the financial means, connections, and support to make that happen. Real shitty for everyone who doesn't. And not to mention what else SCOTUS has in store for us....


That’s true. Hopefully they would be able to drive to a nearby state. Considering the expenses they would need to have to raise a child, and even worse if the woman is unmarried, I think the alternative would be a better choice although not a smooth one. 


It’s not about being able to drive somewhere else to get one. It’s about the insult of  being denied the right to control our own lives. It’s absolutely infuriating. Conservatives are trying to force women out of the workplace, open up those jobs for men & thus put women back into financial dependency on men. Next, the rights to contraceptives, gay marriage & interracial marriage will be overturned. It’s a sick twisted patriarchal, theocratic  plan to go back to the 1950s when women & minorities were “in their place” & white Christian dudes ran the world. This is so fucked up I don’t even have the words…I think it’s time for marginalized groups  to start looting & pillaging. We’ve played nice for 40 years & look where it’s gotten us. 



Of course, it will be a pain in the ass to those women who need to do this to get out of state, JPT. The thing is, they can also decide whether they want to live in a place like Texas, that has that kind of political influence. I would be sad to live in a place that restricts women's rights that have been around for 50 years, and it would also be sad to leave a place they call home with all its memories behind. That is up to them. They will either do that--or insist that their husbands get vasectomies. 

   And you're absolutley right--that is how antiquated this kind of thinking is. we have no recourse but to vote them out of there. 

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They get all the big decisions right.

Life is what you make it.

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I’m sitting in Heathrow right now waiting for my flight back to the States and after hearing the last 3 decisions handed down by this vile, corrupt Supreme Court makes me want to cancel my flight & apply for asylum in the UK or some other civilized country. 

I’m so incensed I feel like I’m going to have a stroke. 

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I hope London was all you hoped it to be. Come to Scotland we've plenty of room 

After this I dont see anyone being under the delusion that the SCOTUS is non partisan. 


Hope you enjoyed your stay. Can't believe I once contemplated moving to the states.


Thank your lucky stars you didn’t do it, Blue. You’d have no right to healthcare but the “right” to get blown away by a freak with an assault rifle. This whole country is fucking sick in the head. 


JPT, glad you're home safe, despite this kind of news. Hopwe you enjoyed London!

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Its a mysoginistic world! 

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