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As many of you have pointed out yes I am the "Custard one" I had an account a couple of years ago which was born out of that altercation. I then had a bit of fun with making spin off stories to that, which btw were not true. Was for entertainment and a laugh. I loved community on here, the advice and camaradery. But I dont live in Australia I live in the UK, so to be clear im a 23 year old very into their politics and science, and car crash tv! 

I got into another legit altercation last week and missed this site and got a bit of stick over it nothing compared to the custard fight which btw happened the once (not twice like my little spin off) and Ive never been allowed to forget that one. Because of the reasoning behind my initial post upon joining a couple of years ago (a daft fight) I kept my mystique and because I am a private person which I am sure many of you are! 

But I have returned like me, hate me or indifferent! And I am a perfectly sain person who has got in a couple of daft altercations, who hasnt? 

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Thanks. Everyone can now relax.

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Missed your whit lmao.
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