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I am sure you have all heard Johnsons idea of sending many aslyum seekers some of which are in the UK LEGALLY to south east Africa! This is a one way ticket as there is no promise these people can return, this is against international law and again it beggers belief how he is still clawing to power it is nothing less than racism and bigotary in order to save the goverment money. Boris Johnson himself has labelled this a "5 year trial". With the greatest will in the world and respect to Rwanda it is not a safe haven for people who have risked there lives in the goverments own words arrived here by "Illegal, dangerous and unnecessary means". The UK should be helping by taking a proportion of them in and using would good faith we still have with the EU to help house and protect these people across Europe where possible! The utter contempt for other humans life is appalling from a country and goverment that shoudnt just "know better" they HAVE TO know better!

 and at a time where food banks are mulitplying up and down the land we have a cost of living crisis and yet the goverment are paying £120m upfront to Rwanda, and it will cost £1.5b a year which over Johnsons " year plan" is £7.5b over that time costing £4.7m a day for the goverment to put the "Asylum seekers in hotels" For £7.5b you could house half of these people in the UK ourselves through building houses and infrastucture for 1/3 of that in fact! The sooner that man goes the better, 2024 please hurry!

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2 Answers

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The sycophants probably think it's a good idea. Immigrants are portrayed as enemy number one, when in reality the majority contribute more to the economy than non-immigrants.

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They do the roles and work that brits cba doing in the main. 

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I think the whole world is going nuts. Fascism has reared its ugly head in the US and Europe again. We NEVER learn. It’s appalling. 

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I blame the likes of Jacob Rees Moog, Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and Donald Trumps of the world! They have made "hate" cool and fashinable and a tool for people to blame there shortcomings on. It is only creating more and more division in society, we should live in a world where everybody respects one another not looks to divide.


I agree. 

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