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Neigbourghs is ending at the end of this month due to ratings and being axed, it made me think Easteders ad Coronation Streets and Hollyoaks , Emmerdale will struggle due to the amount of story lines they have played lut down the years, the fact they cut off up and coming people in order to keep the status quos of the shows who are all over 40 years of age so therefore unable to relate to the younger crowds(18-35) I honestly believe 2 of those shows will be gone by 2030, I just dont see a market for soap operas in this modern world and they arent able to move with the times.

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I get enough drama on Facebook.

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LMAO!!! Hahaha you not a fan of tv? I was hooked on peaky blinders for a while but cant find another box set to get my teeth into....


I'd rather poke both my eyes out with a sharp stick.

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At one point there was more UK residents watching Neighbours than the whole population of Australia it was that popular. Coronation street is as old as I am and has moved with the times and brought a good few realistic story lines that were bang on, same with Eastenders.

Emmerdale Farm was all about the farmers, farming villages and farming storyline but survived, modernised, dropped the Farm from the title and been bang up to date with storylines. 

All these popular shows have moved out of the soap opera genre and are now serial dramas. They will be around for quite some time yet  imo

I haven't watched a single episode of all the above since 2016 so maybe I'm not the best source 

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I used to watch both Eastenders and Corrie religiously but they became to dull and repetitive. They have both also developed a poor habit of sacking or axing quality charactors from 21-35 so you wind up with a soap of the same people that were there years and years ago that in many cases have had that much happen to them in their duration on the show they wind up repeating situations.

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