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I honestly think I will be getting reminded of the "Custard fight" when I am 50, rejoining the site the other day after more life drama but the fact it is still so known dont half make me cringe! But dont worry, I get reminded of it a good couple of times a week through refrences or jokes or nicknames. Tbf when that did happen a couple of years ago, this site was fantastic for me cos I was getting piss takes non stop and yes I was fuming over it for a wile but the site helped me to laugh at myself and some quality advise which led me into doing my own spin off series on it, but I promise you the "custard" battle is true. So when incidents arise like the other week Iknow how to react better and I credit this site for things like that. And bare in mind Ive done a couple of silly things i.e the two fights/arguements whatever you want to call them but who hasnt done silly things or got involved in daft situations!

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You're a legend in your own lifetime.

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Ha ha would not go that far! But people seem to be amused even years on over the Custard.

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If people keep bringing up such silly things and silly things that are reminiscent of your silly affairs, then you won't have to worry about it.  If you are extending your 15 minutes of fame by reviving the memory, then don't complain that you'll never live it down: it's your claim to fame, and you want to keep it alive.

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I see your point, but at the same time it is not me who brings it up. Other people do, and I get silly jokes regarding it often. I would not describe a silly fight I had a couple of years ago now my "claim to fame" I just got into an altercation last week and the only other time this has happened was the "Custard fight" and I find it crazy that you guys even still remember it! It makes me cringe, and I will never fully get the level of humor people take from it.   


So there you go... you just extended it by one more 'reply'


lol So funny.


Extended what? 


The conversation. Some things people never let go of. For years, if not decades. Don't worry about it. It's a classic in comedy. You should be proud you've put a smile on someone's face.


Exactly! Thats how I look back on it and see it as now. I was very annoyed at the time, but I dont think I will ever quite live that down. And thank you that means alot :)

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