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I dont like walking over grids 3 in a row because I find it bad luck.

I wear toe post sandals at least half the time (have several pairs of the same shoe in different colors lmao) and flat slip ons the other because cos I have a sock phobia.

I set my alarm for the same time every day and set several times one minute after another because I am always paranoid about over sleeping cos I sleep like a horse.

I hate Pees also they make me feel ill on site.

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8 Answers

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Social Anxiety. The fear of being around people. My anxiety can have me physically shaking with fear. The day of an interview hit's me like a tonne of bricks.

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Telephones.  I hate using them.  It makes me physically sick.

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Telephones? Why is that?


There are no explanations for phobias.  You either have them  or you don't. 

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Nope.  No way.   

Also since I'm not a people person crowds aren't my thing.   

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Ah see I am the opposite I love tall buildings and heights.

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I have a fear of talking on front of large crowds. Odd, because I was a former teacher. I dont like crowds either, they suffocate me. Spiders, and nasty looking bugs, and heights is a big one as well. I hate flights for that reason, but I just don't look out the window.

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Yeah not a fan of spiders myself! Flies are my main irritant.

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I have a phobia about being in a moving vehicle. Car, bus or train,  if it moves and I'm on it my anxiety levels are through the roof. The anxiety builds from knowing I have to be in a vehicle until I'm there.

This also applies to my loved ones, if I know they are in a moving vehicle my anxiety builds up until I need to do rituals to come down.

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I don't like car rides where I'm not driving, so I can sympathize. I'm also not a fan of driving on these highways--because they're not very careful at all. You need to have 4 eyes. 

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I have 3

1. Acrophobia: Fear of heights
2. Glossophobia: Fear of speaking in public
3. Amaxophobia: Fear of driving

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Creepy crawling and/or flying insects and scorpions. I would rather find a nest of rattlesnakes than one scorpion, wasp, or cockroach. I am so freaked out by bugs I turn into a raving maniac when I see one. 

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In understand that completely! 

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Wasps seem to be mine. Got attacked by a hive while at Boy Scout camp and never was the same.

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