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I had another arguement with my friend yesterday because she keeps accusing me of "blanking" her when Im wanted by her to go out but it is always to go clubbing or to go pubs or festivals and drinking which is something I am not the biggest fan of. Then last week I saw my EXs new GF and got in that arguement and got a lemon cheescake in the face and she was amused by that and the reasoning behind why I was pissed off. In fact she found it hysterical and spent all last week making daft jokes in relation to it. I snapped at her then regarding it and since it feels like I am being provoked into engaging in a arguement in the group chat all the time about every little thing and apparently I was "sly" not going out on Saturday despite me having other plans.  

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If you're going to fall out with folk I suggest you stay away from buffets


Oh come on ! Twice in 23 years is not a bad record ! LMAO

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