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+2 votes
A smile a day washes the webs away!
in Daily Life by (8,780 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

I go on a good friends fb page every day to reply with something humorous. She's a fucking diamond.

by (4,300,421 points)

Thats nice! Too much sadness in the world.

+4 votes

Making people HAPPY is definitely my thing!

Here's a few smiles to share!

: ) 

: ) 

: )

by (380,000 points)

Why am I not surprised.

+1 vote

"Always do one thing a day that makes you or another person happy"  <---Now That is a wise and thoughtful Principle if I've ever seen one ! Thanks !!!

And the coolest thing about it is, by doing something that makes another person happy, you are no-doubt making yourself a bit happier in the process ...!
by (29,440 points)
That is always my first thought, I am aware people are not as positive as me probably because they have had harder lives but small things go a very long way with people.
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