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Is the space (a room or the designated portion of a room/building/office) that you do your 'creating' in, conducive to your creating and does it also seem to foster decent productivity ?

I ask because I'm wondering if it's maybe not just a coincidence that the room that I moved my home-office to a year ago, could possibly be the reason that I've been so terribly unproductive since I moved it.  I moved to this new room because I thought the bigger window, the increased floor space, the sky-blue paint scheme (blue is my favorite color) etc. etc. would've been a good change but although I like the room (for reasons noted, among others), I'm seriously contemplating moving my office back into one of the previous 2 spaces I used to work out of, if it would help my productivity, I'm a self-employed (I design homes), and so the ole 'time is money' efficiency factor is important to my survival and success.

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I've found that my current designated space (which is a small office/converted closet) is efficient for getting virtually collaborative and busy-work done, but not very conducive for "deep work" or more creative independent work. Partly because it's small and with no natural light so I primarily just want to get in, get stuff done, and get out. Then I find I do my more creative thinking when I'm out and about, moving, thinking, and try to jot things down on my phone to remember to get to later. Some days when I feel too "stuffed up" in my small office to get good headway on independent work, I'll relocate to my dining table or the couch.

At my previous job when I worked in an office we had a floating workspace where we each had designated desks but also had other areas to meet, collaborate, or work alone. I often would change things up when the mood struck. Plus, I've traveled a lot and have had to just make do with what I've got a lot of the time, so I get pretty antsy being in one spot for too long and can adapt to lots of different environments.

I've heard that blue is supposed to be a good color for productivity, but I've always had a fondness for green. But, is there anything about your direct work setup that changed when you moved to the other room? A different chair, table, equipment, etc.? 

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I'm still using everything (desk, chair, monitors, computer, equipment, etc.) as they were in the previous office(s), but the difference in my productivity is striking (almost night vs day), and yes maybe it's all the other factors at play (I'm burnt-out from all the work and  haven't taken even a weekend off in over 2 years etc. etc.).

Interestingly, the one thing I've noticed lately when I go into my current office (half of the walls are sky-blue, the other half tan, along with the blue floor) versus when I go into both my previous 2 offices (sage-green walls, tan flooring) is that in the green rooms I immediately notice that a calm, relaxed feeling comes over me, and although the blue office is comfortable enough it does feel noticeably 'cool', and the calm, relaxed feeling is almost completely missing ...


Looks like lady4u helped solve the problem regarding how you also stopped listening to music when you switched offices! That can definitely disrupt the flow of my work. I pretty much always have my headphones with me wherever I go and I use Tidal music streaming to hold all my playlists and such. It really can set the mood whether I need something uplifting when I'm losing energy, or mellow and trance-like for focusing, etc. Hope your productivity returns to your expected levels post haste!

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I think it's a pretty typical workspace...maybe not as spruced up and giving off "at home" vibes as others like to make it but honestly I don't want it to feel like home. I get done what needs to be done.  There's minimal distractions. In physical form anyway.  Sometimes I drift a bit on the device I create right now while I'm on this site answering this question about productivity while not being productive. 
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I think you may be on to “something” but must take in other factors as you say ongoing burnout lack of weekends off etc

Where we are “creative” is very very personal! You would not believe 3 of my most creative spaces. 1) Relaxing outdoors on a hammock strung between 2 honey locust trees looking straight up into the green lacy canopy ( not a computer, I-phone or papers in sight! 2) Laying on a beach in California far from any paperwork 3) Sitting at a busy restaurant counter,sipping coffee after working a 10-12 hour 3rd shift perusing my work notes!

I too noticed a definite decline in creativity when one micromanaging director scheduled me all weekends with the exception of my two weeks vacation.

Another indicator are dreams in which you are out of control. Examples are looking for an unfindable object, house,keys  or car that seems to repeat over weeks or months. Same with dreams where you are in danger, being chased by a monster, bad guys etc. Our dreams often reflect the turmoil in our lives!

Symptoms of overt social changes. Finding no pleasure in interests or hobbies we once pursued.

If you find other big changes along with the change of office location, you may need to sort out which carries the heavier weight.

The Leftists have left us!

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Thanks lady4u for your thoughtful input,  I'm thinking that my drastic drop in productivity is likely a cumulative effect of the long list of the things affecting me in this last year or so, and therefore the office location is likely not going to cause (or solve) anything in and of itself.

I can't change most (any) of the other things on the list of this last year or so, but I can change the office, and likely should especially if I am associating it connotatively with all the other negative, distracting, unproductiveness (and I am and likely would/will).  So any positive effect whatsoever, even a small effect is likely more than worth the 2 hours effort to move everything.   


What do you have to lose but 2 hrs time. I suggest making the move post haste as you are not in control of the bigger issues.

Even tho you haven’t weekends off perhaps you can find respite in an activity that genuinely relaxes you such as listening to music a pod cast etc. Set a timer so you don’t become over engrossed in the activity or fall asleep!

Don’t procrastinate pick a time and date you are likely to accomplish this!


yes thanks for good suggestions !  and now that you mention listening to music (palm to forehead...) I realize now that when I went basically cold-turkey on listening to music and how it coincides exactly with the office move ...  ('coincidence'  <---  I'm thinking Not)  

The immediately previous office location was the one I was in for the longest of all 3 locations, and I'm sure it was also the room I was most efficient and productive in too, and it was the one that I had set-up best for listening to music while I worked (partly because it was right beside my dedicated "Home Theatre Room", and I used the "Audio/Video closet" I'd built for the HT room, and the equipment from there in my office (it was super-easy to hook things up to listen to music in the office with the A/V closet right there ...).

Back to the best musically-inclined office I must go ... and Pronto !



Yay! Problem solved!

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