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I've heard in UK they are casting for a documentary called "Too Large For Love" to raise awareness of the trials and tribulations of the heavily geared. Undoubtedly "Too Loose For Love" won't be too far behind this.


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Well, the Kardashian’s started the believe it or not road to ruin for what was called entertainment. Jackass the tv show, wrestling with alter ego’s male and female, Ru Paul’s Drag Queen, and numerous others could be listed!

To think when I was young the TV Show’s “ I Love Lucy” and “Dick Van Dyke” we’re not allowed to show a double bed in the married couples bedroom. The word “pregnancy” was banned also in “I Love Lucy” being Lucille Ball the actress playing Lucy Ricardo was noticeably very pregnant at the time!

Many looky loos will tune in to find out “How big, is too big?”

It only stands to reason a follow up show will be floated stating “ Too loose Lautrec!” 

I am not familiar with UK tv standards, so the question being, “ how descriptive can they be or show?”

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I feel like the UK television I've watched gets away with quite a bit more than in the US.  But I'm not familiar with the standards either. Plus these days with streaming services the standards don't matter too much anyway. 

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I think, and hope (fingers crossed) that we have hit rock bottom already, although it may be just because of my own rock-bottom @ life-in-general/financial/business and social-life perspective but ;

everytime I watch the news or a sporting-event ... you name it ...  I can't help but think ---> "how f-in sad is humanity ? 

While we're fascinated and obsessed by the trivialities of things like; * what celebrity did or said what

* who successfully chased a certain ball back and forth across a certain playing field better than someone else

* etc. etc. 

Our planet and it's ecosystem, environment and resources etc. continue it's frighteningly accelerating descent to unrecoverable nothingness ...  


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