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He claims the earlier report of his son threatening to commit suicide was just a young son’s means of acting out!

Never mind his collection of knives (16) a sword and a dagger. The later statement by the son of wanting to kill everyone thought to be a threat against other family members  Neighbors stated police were constantly called to his residence. Nothing to see here, I gusss?

So many parents of mass shooters claim their sons weren’t alarming. The Columbine kids went to school dress in total Goth and black trench coats regardless of the weather.

The Buffalo, NY shooter went to school for an entire week dressed in a  hazmat suit

What is wrong with our parents and especially our educators who don’t take exception to this behavior!

Geez. Our students are sent home wearing a Trump hat and berated in the principals office! Noted parents are given the opportunity to attend schools prior to the school year to attend orientation. Those that have other commitments are sent emails of the schools rules and dress code provided they have made their email addresses available.

No doubt if one of our students turned up in a hazmat suit for a week they would be expelled!

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Well if they coudnt buy guns legally there would not be such issues. 

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Hindsight is 20/20, as they say. Most people don't understand human behavior, and so therefore cannot differentiate between those who just "act out" for attention, and those who actually are threatening. Furthermore, most folks are too afraid of the reality of someone they know and love being capable of terrible things. Many people would rather believe that murderers, rapists, sadists, etc. are behavioral deviants rather than manifestations of natural components within all of us.

So, until we as a society can do a better job of truly paying attention to those who need it and focus on real rehabilitation and positive integration, rather than dismissing them or casting them aside or dehumanizing them, we will continue to face this.

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