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After this trip, he's not even opening his whatsapp application.  His last seen is 11.30 am yesterday and he hasn't opened it since. He isn't busy nor he's the type to not open the app because he's always coming online frequently to text with his friends.

But ever since I started asking for relationship,  he's not opening the app and I know he's deliberately doing this.

Why do this?

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8 Answers

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He’s done!

Once you expressed wanting a relationship which he wanted like a severe case of Monkey Pox!

You scared him off!

Get it? He thought you were easy peasey which is totally what wants from a woman, free sex!

No remembering birthdays, anniversaries or meet ups with each other’s families.

Just a friend with benefits!

You broke the unwritten rule of these encounters 1) Thou shall not ask for anything other than mutual sex. A relationship is strictly verboten!

Now you are scratched out of his little black book permanently!

No he isn’t interested in a relationship which implies exclusivity. He certainly wasn’t just having sex with you? Most likely he has been connecting with women then cutting them loose. You don’t suppose they asked for more of a commitment in the form of a relationship? 

No, you were to busy enjoying his compliments, blushing emoji’s and sex to ask about his behaviors you’ve posted here. Why ask us about his concerning behavior of asking for a weeks getaway and then agree to go off with him.

He had more red flags than a Chinese parade, and yet you proceeded with all his bs! And you ask if he is desperate?

You need to do some introspection and decide what it is you want, a sex boy at the ready or a mature relationship complete with honesty about what you both want. It appears he thought you were cool with the mutual sex you both enjoyed.

You were the one who switched things up yet still seem oblivious as to why he is out? If you hadn’t mentioned the relationship option he would undoubtedly still be shagging you but not you only. 

It appears he loves the conquest and men who look at women that way generally don’t respect them.

Lesson learned?

by (893,660 points)

But why is he not opening the app??


I agree with the answer lady4u gave you, it is spot-on!, and to answer your question why he isn't opening the app, -->  quite simply it's because; HE'S AVOIDING YOU, no different than not answering his phone if you were to call him, or not replying to a text message or email if you were to send him a text or email,  or he suddenly crosses the street when he sees you two walking toward each other,  etc. etc.

Yes, that whole 'Avoidance' kind of behavior is cowardly but who hasn't done some version of it more times than one can count ?


And he wouldn't answer his friends just to avoid me??

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I would not be jumping to any drama fuelled conclusions! Perhaps he is taking his to decide if he wants a relationship or not, I suspect he would have told you by now if he was totally off the idea.. Try and be glass half full and not to worry.

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Tried calling him or reaching out to him via other means? I'd be quick to say he's avoiding you if you were the only person he talked to on Whatsapp but if he's avoiding EVERYONE then there could be something else going on. I'm not totally sure how Whatsapp works as far as privacy goes but do the settings not allow you to hide your online status?  

by (49,650 points)

He has his last seen set to his contacts only so only contacts can see when he's last active. But he does this when he goes off for long hours or 1 day 

However that's how he stops talking to girls


Maybe just figures he'll stay away long enough for you to take the hint and give up and then he'll creep his way back on there. Ghosting 101 perhaps, lol. 


But then why did he go on holidays with me?


Well from what your other posts describe it sounded like a pretty good time. You're just dealing with the likely possibility that he didn't want any repeat holidays. 

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Okay, as someone who understands how WhatsApp works, I have a feeling I know what he did: he very likely DELETED YOU FROM HIS CONTACTS. He is probably still using the app, he is talking to his friends, he is talking to other women, but because you and he no longer want the same thing, it's over between you two. He deleted you from his contacts so that you wouldn't have to constantly be left on "read" and you think he's not online when he in fact very likely could be but he doesn't want you knowing his business because you and he aren't close like that (despite the fact that you wanted to be, though you should really be re-evaluating that now based on how he's behaving).

by (73,000 points)

No I can still see his lastvseen which is only open for his contacts 


Nah, I've seen that in cases where you once were a contact but then are no longer a contact it just shows the Last Seen timestamp from the last time you were a contact.


No that's not how it works. Last seen timestamp is only visible to the settings the user sets it on- my contacts, everybody, nobody or my contacts except -

Also he has now started coming online 

Okay then, I stand corrected. Either way, when he is or isn't online isn't the point of your question, right? You want to know whether or not he's ignoring you, and if he is, why?
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It sounds like he's ghosting you instead of coming out to say upfront he isn't on the same page as you for a relationship. 

Do yourself a favor. Stop reaching out. 

by (1,231,190 points)
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He thinks you are a crazy woman stalker.  He wanted to have sex, you start crazy talk about him.  Fatal attraction.  

by (1,605,950 points)
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All of  your posts are versions of this one.  The guy ... is he jealous?  Does he like me?  Why won't he talk to me?   Drama, drama, drama.  It's the same drama every time.  

Just move on to the next drama.

by (899,260 points)
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Perhaps he's wondering whatsupp.

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