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The actor, known most prominently for his roles in The Godfather, Misery, and Elf, passed away late on July 6th at the age of 82. Cause not mentioned from the sources I see.

I just read Stephen King's "On Writing" where he talks at length about both his book and the movie adaptation Misery, and he speaks quite fondly of Caan. That movie has been on my "to watch" list for a while, and now I think I will make a concerted effort to watch it this weekend in Caan's honor.

I only watched The Godfather for the first time at the beginning of the pandemic when I was in lockdown with my uncle in Vermont and we passed the time each evening playing movie roulette. Caan was great in that, and seems to have been well-revered in the industry overall. Sad to hear of his passing.

Any other of his movies you all enjoyed?

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Such a great actor.  In addition to the ones you mentioned I also liked Brian’s Song. He will be greatly missed. 

On a side note On Writing is a great read. I read that years ago. I’m a huge King fan. 

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I was sorry to hear of it. Of course we know The Godfather but I enjoyed him in The Program with Omar Epps. 

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What a great actor! I'm very saddened to hear of his passing. Thank you for posting Sapph!

Yes! Besides the many films mentioned here, one of my favorites is Hide in Plain Sight; an American drama film that was actually directed by and starring James Caan with the storyline based on an actual case from the files of New York attorney Salvatore R. Martoche who represented Tom Leonard, a real-life Buffalo, New York, victim who had sued to recover contact with his children estranged by the culpability of the new husband and government, soon realizing his own past is coming back to get him.

RIP James Caan

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Sounds like a compelling movie, thanks for sharing, Sandy!

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