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Love someone else? Like a guy who is sleeping around with me or others but loves someone else? Who hasn't slept with him? 

Can this be possible?

in Dating by (23,480 points)

4 Answers

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Yup. It's absolutely possible.

by (73,000 points)

But how???


How what? Women do this too.

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Absolutely.  The penis has no conscious.  It has no idea about love.  It is a sex organ.  That is what it does.  Love comes from the brain or heart but the penis just wants to have sex.  The brain can sometimes control the penis, but in general the penis is an opportunist.  If there is a chance to have sex, the penis is up for it.  

by (1,605,950 points)

What about feelings? He's obviously finding girls attractive to have sex with them??? And if the sex is amazing then??


Sex is like pizza.  Even when it is bad, it is still pretty good.  Sex is always amazing especially if she puts any effort into it.  And a girl can be pretty unattractive and still be an amazing sex partner.

Bottom line is that attractiveness has little to do with the guys desire to have sex. And the quality of the sex has more to do with enthusiasm than appearance.


Yes so he can easily catch feelings??


I don't think so.  I don't think that I have ever known a guy to catch feelings for a girl just because he was fucking her.  Except me, and that was a mistake.  In general having a woman massage a guys penis will never result in him wanting a meaningful relationship with her.  


Sp you caught feelings ? Then why say no?


When I have wonderful sex with a woman. Body shaking orgasms, I feel wonderful. I love the whole world and especially this magical creature that delivered me to this wonderful place.

One time I made the mistake of telling her how much I loved her. I think my penis was was still in her.  She turned out to be a psycho that took me months to get rid of.  Great in bed, but otherwise I didn't want to be on the same planet with.

Keep sex and love separate.

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I think the real question you want to ask is why does a guy who has amazing sex with me but does  not love me but someone else. Am I right?

Honey a man can screw a doughnut, no emotional bond and he doesn't have to tell it he loves it after.

If I'm not right and you're sleeping with someone else's man then that's shady, karma will bite your arse.

by (3,105,070 points)

He's not her man yet but he gets jealous when he sees her with other guys 

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Sexual release is not necessarily a sign of love or emotion.  It is a stimulation of the glands that results in sex.

Love and sexual release are not the same thing.  If you can't figure out what that means, I suggest you Google "What is the difference between love and sex?"

by (899,260 points)
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