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She's from a different country and till last year, maybe late October, she was still using the number she had from her home country. He never saved the number and didn't add her in his contacts.

When she switched to Irish number, he saved it.

When he met her on the date, the 1st question he asked her how long was her visa for and she told him she's here for 2-3 years.

He wanted to hook up with her but she didn't put out and he got annoyed with her after their 2nd date and that was it. 

However, he never deleted her number and still kept trying to manipulate her into getting with him. These tricks also didn't work.

Now he's seeing me but she's still in his contact list. I ve seen him delete numbers of the girls who block him or whom he ended the relationship with. After our holiday, I could see his last seen till yesterday night but today I can no longer see his last seen so he's either removed me or switched his last seen for me only.

So why isn't he removing her number?

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6 Answers

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Guess he's in it for the challenge of the "conquest". She's kept his interest by not being interested. 

by (49,650 points)

But she has been on dates with him and asked to meet up so there is element of interest?? And she still chats with him in person but doesn't text

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You are the current bed warmer, although a bit of a psycho.

She is a future sex partner, but is a hard nut to crack, but hope springs eternal.

by (1,605,950 points)

Does he even romantic interest for her? Its been 8 months already 

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I believe you are obsessed with him.

Here’s why!

1) You stalk him on a website looking for when he signs on/off. ( beyond normal curiosity )

2) You seem to know who he has/hasn’t sex with and after how how many dates.

3) Your growing dailyquestions about his behavior after nearly everyone points out his red flags!

4) You seem insistent that he possibly has romantic interests in women he has casual sex with.

5)In spite of telling all he is manipulative and punitive towards women, you are still keen on knowing the “why” of his behavior when it has constantly been pointed out to you.

The obvious answer to the question of why he has deleted her number is he thinks she may break down eventually give him sex. You on the other hand said he was avoiding you after you asked for a relationship.

Now you state he is having sex with you again after avoiding you?

My questions are 1) How old are you? 2) How long are you going to obsess over him.

by (893,660 points)

How can she have sex with him when he is seeing others??


Isabel you must either be very young or very naive to ask that question.  He may tell her you are no longer in the picture or she may not give a damn.  

Many women date men who are dating or screwing other women.

You brought up the relationship word! He was out then. She hasn’t asked for a relationship? He seems to have a fear of commitment.

If she plays hard to get, he may double down with more and more compliments to lure her into having sex.

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Clearly both you and he are prime examples of people who want what they can't have. 

by (73,000 points)

How does he want her when he's sleeping with me or other girls ?


Men compartmentalize.

You know….



F buddy




He's compartmentalized her into??


Don’t know that one. I am only surprised you don’t know as you have spent so much time knowing if or if not they have had sex, and where they go etc.

+1 vote

Ask him. We don't know. 

by (2,496,790 points)
+1 vote

Who cares?

by (899,260 points)
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