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The girl whose contact number he has still saved, on his first chat with her , he looked her up and down and then hide behind the printer he was standing in front of.

How can he get a b0ner just by seeing her up and down? And she was fully clothed.

What is this? 

in Intimacy by (27,530 points)

4 Answers

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He hid behind the printer and you saw he had a hard on. Where the fuck were you? 

by (3,158,010 points)
It's an open area but there were just 4 of us. She , him , me and a guy friend of mine in the computer room
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You are never involved in any intimate relationships with any of the long line of boys you talk about.  You seem to have sex with all of them, though, and then you wonder if they are jealous, if they care, if they like you or someone else you think they might like.  Now you're noticing some guy's erection while he's standing behind a printer?

Who cares?  It isn't your business.  He isn't your fiancé.  You are not in a monogamous relationship with him, or anyone else.  All you ever do is ask these "why would he do that" questions that are completely none of anyone's business.  

If you want to know what these boys think, ASK them.  Stop annoying others with questions that only these boys can answer for you.  Or is it just attention that you want here?

by (949,310 points)
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Guys can get an erection for no particular reason.  Imagining a woman with her legs in the air will do.  It means nothing.  Women seem to think that there has to be some reason, usually her, to get a guys penis hard.  But that us not true.

by (1,626,610 points)
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When men have spontaneous sexual thoughts about a women their brain sends a signal to their penis to get hard this is involuntary. That’s why they call it a prick. A penis has no conscience. Young healthy males do not have to work to get an erection.

You must be in your teens to be so uneducated about sex.

by (1,001,390 points)
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