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 How do police begin to investigate a prostitute? 

in All The Rest by (10,550 points)

5 Answers

+2 votes

I guess you just phone rhem and they decide if it's worth investigating 

+3 votes

You don't, mind your own damn business unless you think they are being trafficked and need help. 

by (698,790 points)

No. As a law abiding citizen, The law is my business.  People like you are what’s wrong with society. Telling people to stay in their lane when laws are being broken. Do you say the same when they break into your house and you want to report the perpetrators? Imagine being told to stay in your lane unless they harm someone. 


No this is you being morally outraged for no good reason. Who does prostitution actually harm and what legitimate interest do you think the government has in keeping it illegal that couldn't be resolved through legalization and regulation. Sex is transactional anyway--- you go on a date and the guy expects sex, your married and your partner expects sex. 


Then Jeffrey epstein was innocent right…? What harm did he do with paying for pleasure …  Oh well, there’s my outrageous morals at it again…


Are you serious? Epstein trafficked children. There’s a huge difference between using coercion that way and adults engaging in consensual sex (whether for money or not.). 

No children cannot consent to sex so he was in the wrong and coercing any one into unwanted sex is rape full stop. The government has an interest in preventing rape and in protecting children. The government has no business telling adults that they can't fuck each other anyway they want to so long as all involved parties are consenting; whether money is exchanged or not. 

Prostitution should be legalized and regulated--must be 18 or 21+, mandatory regular health checks, mandatory quarantine and treatment for any STDs, must keep records for disease tracking and taxes, mandatory mental health or social worker check ins on a regular basis to ensure the worker is voluntarily engaged and not being trafficked. Keeping it illegal and in the dark harms marginalized  and at risk populations and allows trafficking to thrive

But given that it hasn't been legalized, mind your own damn business unless you think the person is being trafficked or you see them being harmed. 

How about when their boyfriends and pimps rob you? Is that a victimless crime? How about having sex during a pandemic? Is that victimless?

I think you are imaging a naivete that is dangerous. Saying its a victimless crime is naive.

+2 votes

You march down to the police station and tell them that you think whatsherface is a hooker.  Be prepared to explain why you think that is the case.  They will take notes, write it all down and tell you that they will look into it.  

They may or may not actually do anything.  There are actual  crimes going on.  But some cops might be interested in arresting someone that doesn't have a gun so he might go talk to her.

Why do you care if she takes money for sex.  If she just had sex, it is less illegal I guess.

by (1,568,920 points)
The point is.. its illegal. Anyone can have sex, I mean who can’t right? lol

Lots of things are illegal that are commonly done.  Depending on where you live.  Oral sex is almost always illegal.  Anal sex is usually illegal.    Premarital sex is always illegal. I think masturbation is illegal in some places.  The real question is should it be illegal?

+1 vote

You walk up to a cop on the corner and say, "Yo, DUDE!!!  I saw a prostitute!"

by (952,470 points)
+1 vote

Very often they don’t.

I lived in Dayton, Ohio many years ago.

The hookers would dress very provocatively and stand on the street corners. It was very obvious what was going on. I worked downtown for 6 months. They congregated near my bus stop after dark. Never once did I observe a police officer questioning them.

My guess was they had bigger crimes to persue, they were being paid off or both.

You obviously will be asked how you know they are a prostitute.

The Leftists have left us!

by (1,044,210 points)

Yes its crazy. I’ll report it at least and they could look into it. Never know what they will find !


Or a lot of cops are getting free sex? lol

My experience with police is that unless it is a serious crime like life or death, they don't want to hear about it.

I once had my cellphone stolen. The thing was I knew who stole it and his number but I was told to go online to file a report. I couldn't do that because the website kept on going down. I tried three times but gave up.

Another time someone stole some money from my apartment. They wouldn't even take my information.

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