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The guy I am seeing, he shows up late all the time. On our first date, he was late even though he said he would be at uni already. Then he was late again on our 2nd date and I actually saw him sitting and talking with a guy and then he was walking so slowly when coming to see me.

Only when he wants sex, he comes to my house quickly.

However, I noticed that he had planned to meet his best friends girlfriend and he was at uni 20 minutes before they had decided to meet. He was already sitting outside and waiting for her and constantly on the phone . Then when she texted him, he went to the bus stop to receive her and they walked back together.

With his friends, he's always leaving early and on time. But with women he wants to date or have a fling with, he intentionally turns up late.

What's his issue

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2 Answers

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Of course, TALKING to the boys you have sex with seems to be out of the question for you...

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His issue is lack of RESPECT for women, more importantly YOU!

by (893,660 points)
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