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Coming back to the US after my vacation to the UK. I should've stayed there - forever. My country is no longer my country - the entire US has gone batshit insane. 

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Probably getting married.  It has been all down hill from there.

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Hopefully some good days peppered in along the way. 


Probably a few good times.  But this like being tortured.  It feels so good when it stops.  

And one bad decision leads to another.  Like staying married.

Then there was the part about listening to people about trying to make it work.  I spent years on that one.  Better advice is just get out now. Admit it was a mistake and move on.there

Really bad decisions snowball. 

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Going to the cinema with a bunch of control freaks.

Life is what you make it.

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What'd you end up going to see?


Last Christmas, 2019.


From the director that tried to give Melissa McCarthy an acting career.  Hate him. 

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Going against my 'gut feeling' I proceeded to head-out on a 1-1/2 hour drive (1-way) in my car to a car show I never ended up making it to ...

I don't know why exactly I was hesitant in heading-out on the drive, because ordinarily (for the last 5 years anyway) my car has been reliable, efficient, dependable, and I've never once had any trouble...  but that fateful day, I wish I could have a 'do-over' and if I had, I wouldn't have left my house that morning ...

Early that morning, when I left, all was well/normal, but just as I was getting close to my destination (the car show) my accessories belt blew apart, I knew right away and could deal with the loss of the power-steering, but then had to wait in a long line of cars waiting to get into the show, and within a couple the engine overheated so I tried to head back towards home but soon the engine melted-down and ended it's existence ... and then left me stranded out in the boonies, so that I had no-choice but to call my Dad to come rescue me, then had to spend several hundred dollars to get the car hauled/towed back home to my place ...

Then I wrongly decided to try and fix the car (replace the shockingly blown-up/over-heated/melted-down engine) but after spending several hundred dollars and 2-full days and counting of trying to remove the old engine, and after buying and picking-up a new/replacement engine, I reluctantly decided to give-up on the car, and then with more bad luck, decided to return the replacement engine for a refund, but being unfamiliar and stressed-out about everything happening I never made it ... and instead ended-up way out of the way, then tried to turn around but ended-up in a ditch lost and confused as to where I was ... c/w Ambulance and Police being called by passers-by and assisting me and my ditching, and waited and waited and now because of my Type-1 Diabetes, and my detainance at the ditching site, over/during lunch-time, my ever-lowering blood-sugar eventually became an issue, and is now on record with my driver's license, which is soon due for renewal, and will likely cause me difficulty in getting my driver's license renewed ... and without a driver's license I'm done for, and everything I've ever planned for may be over ...

If only I'd have just stayed home that morning, I'd still have the car (which had been a great commuter for it's excellent fuel-economy sake which I'm soon in need-of, my health-record was still intact, my life in general ...

But now ?  Who knows ?!...

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Ugh, amazing how quickly it can all spiral. 

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Getting "just one more drink" last night

by (78,010 points)

Oh no, lol.  What is drunk Sapph like?


Drunk Sapph is all about pushing people out of their comfort zones. Go talk to that girl! Let's get you that tattoo! 


Drunk Prodigal:  "Oh, you think so? Well alright....."


Yesssss, it's the best when people go along with it. I just want everyone to live their best life. And, I want to be there for the entertainment too of course haha


Come on let's do it....matching tattoos. 




Wait who's picking it out, you or me?

Here's one idea:


Perfection….you can have the butt. 


I wouldn't have it any other way. I love me a cute butt!

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Probably not finishing my college degree.

Yes, I began working in Mgmt in a company that paid more than the degree, looking back they treated their No-degrees employees inferior to those who had a degree. I am speaking about respect not pay or benefits.

You are never smarter than you are when you are young. (Sarcasm) So often our beliefs are not thought out in terms of the big picture. Non-degreed employees were severed during a restructure many times over the years myself included. Degreed employees were above the glass ceiling!

I was severed with a years wages and retirement benefits.


The Leftists have left us!

by (1,071,470 points)

Ouch :(

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