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+2 votes

Not really a question. But then how many of them do we get. Whatever.

in Just Relax by (4,337,411 points)

5 Answers

+2 votes


I was much younger then!

by (340,730 points)


You would like a time machine then?


Absolutely not lady! A time machine will send you back , but it wont make you younger.

+2 votes

(Lady4u imitates Cher)

If I could turn back tiiiiiiime!

But since I can’t, mine is a def No!

by (1,048,850 points)
+1 vote

For me personally, nah. I hopefully still have more life ahead of me than behind me that I'd still like to look forward to. Plus, I've always been much more of a future-focused person than most of the people around me I know.

But, for us all collectively....yeah things are not looking too great right now (I was about to say "not looking too hot" but the world is literally on fire right now, so, that's a bad joke). I enjoy reading history from both just a curiosity perspective as well as a 'how the fuck did we get ourselves here' perspective, and sometimes wishing I could have been alive earlier to maybe have affected things a bit more positively. But, obviously that's not possible, AND that's me thinking quite highly of myself to suppose I could even make such an impact! Ugh.

by (79,390 points)
+1 vote

Is it cooler there? I'd put my hand up but I'm sure I've got sweat patches 

by (3,170,390 points)

Peaked at 36 here today.


I think we were 32. Its still bad now..


We're down to a cool 28 at the moment. Sleep is not going to be the best.


I just checked, it says we're 22c. That temperature gauge will be going the same way as my bathroom scales, lying little @@@@@

+1 vote

If I could go back and change a few decisions and the results from even a few of those decisions/life paths ? Well for that my hands are definitely up !  But to live, and stay living in the past ?  Uh ya no thanks, my hands are definitely not up for that !

by (29,440 points)
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