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I'll be graduating at the end of the year and may or may not move from home to a much bigger city. The thought of moving and staying with extended family is overwhelming. The overwhelming extends to the job I'll be doing and the people I'll be working with. It doesn't help that I'm not a very social person at all. And I'll be working in the business sector. 

Any wise words to lower the stress level and to try and enjoy the new lifestyle? 

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Those sound like they'll be a lot of changes at once, so I say don't be hard on yourself. Take it all very slowly, and be kind to yourself while you navigate this whole new terrain (of work! of your new city! of living with some new family [I'm assuming this will be a new living experience for you?])

I coach people at work in a professional development capacity, and the thing that I find most common for early career people is wasting a ton of time trying to please other people and not spending enough time figuring out for themselves what their values, priorities, and passions are. It all takes time to find out what the right fit will be, in terms of work and a career, as well as the kind of balance you want for your life outside of work. But don't get so swept up in constantly trying to please everyone else or avoiding making people upset with you, because they will just keep taking and taking and no one is really looking out for you except yourself.

Find people outside of your job and your family who accept you for you, and who are also probably going through similar life experiences, so that you all can destress together, try new things together, have fun and be there for each other through the difficult times.

As for not being a very social person at work, there are PLENTY of people just like you who do very well for themselves in a career. Don't feel like you have to be more social, or more extroverted, or more something that you are not in order to get ahead. Be yourself! :)

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Wow, this is so great. Thank you. I think I'm gonna print this and read it everyday. 

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