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+2 votes

He texts me a lot during the day and after 10 pm or 12 am.

Does this mean he really likes me right?

in Dating by (23,480 points)

3 Answers

0 votes

He's giving you his time. So yes.

by (4,256,451 points)

What do you mean?


He could be doing something else. On some level he thinks texting you is important to him. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe he likes wasting his time.

0 votes

For some reason, you bring your questions here.  Why not ask HIM all these questions?  You have a new boyfriend and have sex with him.  Then you have questions about him.  It's OK to have sex with these boys but you're not intimate enough with them to ask them these questions?  ::eye roll::

by (899,260 points)

We don't talk much on deeper things


only cheaper things

+2 votes

10pm to 12 am is a booty call.  If you don't talk about deeper things then take it out of your mouth and start a conversation.  Have some self respect.

by (3,105,070 points)

What about 1 or 3 am?


Isn’t it easier to just ask him why he is calling so late? Most people would/could be asleep at that hour.

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