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in Daily Life by (57,350 points)

4 Answers

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Well I think I've finally caught covid, so not really smiling about much at the moment :(

by (78,010 points)

I’m so sorry. I hope your symptoms are minor and over quick. Find a good series to watch when you’re not sleeping. 


Here's hoping the vaccine and booster do their jobs and keep you in only minor discomfort!


Take care of yourself and feel better soon. 


Thanks everybody, so far it is pretty mild but my energy is totally zapped. Wishing I could have had my second booster already, but feeling like I'll hopefully pull through okay so long as things don't get worse from here. Fingers crossed especially for no long covid...


Sending you healthy vibes my friend. 

+2 votes

Having an impromptu lunch at a new place nearby with Mrs Media.  Always time well spent.

by (952,330 points)

Sounds good Media, I'm glad you guys had a nice time. 

+1 vote

Today, watching kindness happen. Makes me smile and feels good seeing it just as much as receiving it

by (10,550 points)

Always a given. 

+2 votes

No matter how awful things are, my cats can always make me smile. Cats are Mother Nature’s comedians. 

by (2,402,270 points)

Pets certainly have healing power. 

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