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I ve been seeing this guy for a month. We went on a 1 week break after 3 dates where it was a lot of fun and sex. Then he said he will be going to travel with his friends.

We texted a lot and he's always on his phone. However, since the last 2 days, he's switching off his phone. He came online at  9 pm on Whatsapp on both days and then turned his phone off. On many days, his last seen is 6 or 7pm and then no online activity until next morning or afternoon.

He never does this. He can be extremely busy yet he won't switch off his phone. He ignores all calls and messages and doesn't pick up (which he said himself that when someone called him once, he didn't pick up) or leaves people on read but doesn't switch off.

However, he's logging off at almost the same time these days, is gone all evening or night and switching off

Throughout the day, he keeps coming online every 10 mins. And I message and call him but he won't reply much but he's coming online to talk to other people.

Why is he doing this?

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2 Answers

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Some people just like being annoying. They think it's clever or funny.

Life is what you make it.

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Ah.  I am not disappointed today.  I was expecting another of your puerile postings, and you did not disappoint.  

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