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I found out that the girl he had a threesome with me, her and him is now hes dating.

Id hes so manipulative and punitive towards women, how come hes dating another fwb??

in Dating by (23,480 points)

3 Answers

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Apparently her benefit is better than yours.  Harsh to say, but in a one on two comparison, you are second best.  You need to step up your sex game.

Or maybe she is just less annoying over all.

by (1,605,950 points)
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There's no accounting for taste.

by (4,256,451 points)
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I'm not going to say...actually I am, you were well warned, you posted and posted hoping to get the answer you wished for and now real life just smacked you in the gob .

Here is my tuppence worth, for what it's worth.. 

You are going to feel like shit for a few weeks then you are going to  have more happy times without him than with. This I can promise you. 

So get a bottle wine, have a pity party, then leave it in the past.

by (3,105,070 points)

You said he cant develop feelins for fwb. Yet hes dating an fwb


No I didn't say that, I said he hasn't developed feelings for you beyond great sex. 

You don't have a window into his soul, do you think you labelling this other girl a FWB is just salve for your hurt feelings? You have no idea what his thoughts are, we know that much cause you kept asking us to tell you what he was thinking 


I already erote we had a threesome and shes fwb no 3

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