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It's not like losing your shirt at the bookies.. 

True story.

I've had a pair of black trousers for at least 25 years. They are the type you can dress up or down, I love em.

They have an elasticated waist, or they started off with one, and they have been a staple in my wardrobe through me being a skinny mini, fat, skinny, fat again then kinda in the middle.  Needless to say, the elasticated waist has worked hard over time.

Today at the supermarket I drew a trolly from those wee hut things they keep them in but I did it backwards. So my back is to the trolly as I'm pulling it.

Next thing i know, the  leg of black trousers got caught on the wheel of the trolly and as I walked forward my trousers came down!!!! The elastic was like, hey enough now.

What could I do but pull them up, push the trolly and confidently walk into the shop.

Good job I was powdered and puffed if you know what I mean. 

The trousers are now in the bin, a very sombre moment I must say 


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No.  While I do get excited being surrounded by all that food....I've managed to keep my pants on. 

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No.  I have never done that.  Lucky me.  I did lose my swim trunks at a public swimming pool once though. Hahaha

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Lololololo!! Belle, I would have paid good money to see that!! 

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Not lately… but the week is still young.

I snorted when I read your post.. I too have been nursing along some elastic waistband pants. My problem too has been my weight fluctuations from medications,(mainly Prednisone)

Lately I have dropped 10 lbs seemingly overnight. And I just don’t want to fill my closet with 5 sizes of pants. The cost with inflation would put me over!

I once in my haste getting ready to go to work and quickly dressing in the dark put on two identical shoes except for color. I reached under the bed, threw my shoes on and arrived at work with a left taupe shoe and a right black shoe.

Yeah… can’t hide that either!

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