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I started working for a good company and I'm working closely with a first time supervisor.  

My job role is supporting her but I've been in this position for a month now and I've been doing some "clean-up"  Lately there is not much work for me because I don't have access on some programs.  I should be feeling grateful because once the real job starts I would wish I have free/chill time.  At the same time, I feel I was not "productive" enough for that day.

How can I say something to her without being a beeyotch?

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3 Answers

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In my experience it's best to not say anything. Unless it's agreeing with anything anyone says.

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I agree with blue, least said soonest mended 

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It is always like handing someone a loaded gun to complain that they don't have enough to do.  You may be killed off.  But I would say that you have a little free time if there is something that the boss would like some help with.  It makes you seem like you want to help.  If she doesn't respond, don't push it. Enjoy the time off.  

You still may be shot.  It makes the supervisor seem like she isn't very good, and identifies you as possibly surplus.

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