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I use a website to watch horseracing since I only have basic cable. It has almost always worked great until a couple of weeks ago. When I bring up a racetrack, my internet freezes and goes out and then it comes back. It is almost impossible to watch racing. I called my ISP and they came here and gave me a new modem but said the issue is not my internet. He said I had good speed and connection. The website is racetrack television network and they told me it is my internet. 

If I don't get this fixed, I will be stuck watching replays on RTN or I can watch some tracks on my wagering site but only if I gamble 10.00 a month. Because of Maine's gambling control board, Maine sold one ADW license to Hollywood racing. Because TwinSpires cannot offer ADW in Maine, they prevent Hollywood from offering wagering and streaming races of certain tracks such as Churchill Downs, Fairgrounds, Oaklawn and a few others. 

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You'll probably find it fixes itself sooner or later. To find the exact cause is a process of elimination, but you will typically have no control over making it go away.

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Thank you Bluegenel!!


You are welcome ponygirl.

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