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I pretty much always pick up and just say "Hello?" cluelessly, out of old habit (or for work calls I say, "This is Sapph"). Plus it just feels a little weird, unless it's someone calling that I am super close with, to assume that it's actually that person on the other end of the line, but maybe it's just me. With landlines anyone can pick up that phone and call you, not just the person whose name is on the Caller ID. And, I've had calls from friend's cell phones and it ends up being their partners or siblings who are actually on the other line...or they've got me on speakerphone and there's a few people in the room. So, I don't know, I just don't want to assume most of the time. Let them tell me who is actually calling me.

I just had a friend bring this up to me when he called me, saying "You know it's me calling you, don't you? When you pick up you don't sound like you know." So that prompted the curiosity on what other people do.

How do you answer the phone?

(Finally mostly over covid, btw - it really knocked me out for a good while there but thankfully wasn't too bad.)

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6 Answers

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Yes I see the name and respond accordingly. Meaning I have greetings for family, friends, doctors etc and those nuisance people who really need to get a better job


Haha do you ever pick up and just say "don't waste your time"?


It depends what mood I'm in. Sometimes I just decline the call, sometimes I engage, let them pitch.


You're generous. I try to avoid answering whenever I can.


I particularly like the ones where I've won money but I need to give my bank details to receive the winnings. I keep that going for a wee while. 

It's something fun I can do with my clothes on.


Well we wouldn't be any the wiser, since it's just over the phone no one would know what state of dress you're in (or out)! ;)

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I have at least 10 Virgin Media sales numbers blocked. I had to talk to this one rep like she was 2 years old. I'm..... Not..... Interested. And still they call.

Life is what you make it.

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I have countless numbers blocked also. Even when I don't answer, if I get repeated calls from the same number with either them never leaving a message or the message is clearly a spammy recording or something, I block it. It never ends though.
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Depends on the person. My husband gets greeted by name/endearment, my personal cell with hello, my boss by name, and most work calls with "...Law Firm, Born speaking how can I help you?" unless they are a client who has called multiple times in a day in which case I'll greet them by name.

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This sounds like a good mix! 

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The caller ID can be spoofed.  I don't know how, but I have received calls from myself.  So, I always  just answer with hello.

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I have also received calls from myself - I have no idea how spammers think that that's going to convince me to answer? Or to receive calls from phone numbers very similar to my own.


I am amazed that they are smart enough to fool the system, but stupid enough to think that spoofing me with my own number will get me to answer. 

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If I like the person or want to talk to them I answer with their name. If not I wait for them to identify themselves even though Caller ID tells me who it is.

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If I know who it is I'll usually just jump straight into a greeting.  "Hey Sapph how's it going?"  Funny how habits linger though...I know people that answer the phone the same way you do. Sounding all surprised that it's me that is calling. 

I'm glad you finally got over the plague  :)

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Some old habits die hard. I dunno, I guess I just want to be sure that the person truly did mean to call me when I pick up? Just last week I answered a random Montana phone number and they asked for some guy named John...told them they had the wrong number and they apologized. But then they called back again a couple hours later?


Well random numbers I won’t even answer. I guess they were hoping you had managed to find John for them….


Yeah, not totally sure why I answered this one. I have a soft spot in my heart for Montana, and have never received a spam call from there, so I guess I was a little intrigued as to who was going to be on the other end. And, for a not exorbitant amount of money, I can pretend to be "John" :)

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