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A US president has never been sent to jail. This is uncharted territory. Does anybody know what would happen? Would he retain his Secret Service protection? Do you think that Trump would try to get his supporters to riot or commit illegal acts if he were convicted? Is that was the Democrats are afraid of?

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The democrats are wimps.  The story is that no one is above the law, but that is clearly false.  Rich people are generally above the law.  Powerful people are above the law.  Most US presidents are not as crooked as trump.  Nixon came close but had the good sense to resign and be quiet.

Good questions about secret service.  Although it could be argued that prisons are pretty safe.

Yes to trying to instigate a riot or insurrection.  He already knows how to do that and has tried before.  Thats why automatic weapons were invented.  Short blood insurgency..

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Oops this was supposed to be a reply to Coolguys question!

Sure, I guess if he is convicted of a crime. He isn’t President now so why not.

If he goes then I would suggest reserving the two adjacent cells for Joe and Hunter Biden for selling political influence. And of course Nancy and Paul Pelosi for insider trading and of course Paul’s latest auto accident involving driving under the influence of drug and alcohol and injuring the other driver.

But we all know rich people can hire a phalanx of lawyers to defend them. We on the other hand would be railroaded into prison like Jan 6 th protesters. Meanwhile BLM founders are invested in million dollar real estate deals.

The lesson to be learned?

If you aren’t rich or well connected walk a straight line otherwise the only one to hear your case will be Bubba your cell mate!

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If Trump doesn’t go to jail, then our legal system is fucked as is our entire country. Whether or not Trump’s bootlickers may riot can’t be taken into consideration. If he’s found guilty of crimes he MUST go to prison no matter what or we’ve destroyed the rule of law. Not jailing someone because you’re scared his supporters will be pissed is not a legitimate reason to spare him the punishment he deserves. 

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That's the plan. He's a slippery fucker though.

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Trump is 100% gonna be charges with Crimes he committed. 

The thing with Garland is he doesn't have many leaks.

That charges against the cops who shot and killed Brionna Taylor?

Those came out of nowhere.   

Be patient.    Those texts and emails from  the Alex Jones lawyers will be very helpful.   

I predict charges by the end of September.      

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