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Driving a white Ford edge, possibly left the state.

They said he could be in Kentucky,  Indiana or Illinois.   

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3 Answers

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This is beyond depressing. Every damn day another shooting. 

by (2,496,790 points)
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They arrested him tonight in Lawrence Kansas. 

Before the shootings he made a video.....ummmm

by (58,170 points)

Protecting the world from telepathy and mind control??!?


Also wow he got far.


Dude could be hearing voices

Schizophrenia maybe?  

Something ain't right. 

 He shot an elderly couple in one home and a woman and her 15 year old daughter in another.         


Just awful. In what way those deaths connect to his conspiracy theory we'll probably never know. I wonder if they knew him personally in any way, or if he just got these "sensations" that these folks were the voices in his head/mind controlling him.

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Our politicians need to pass a mental health bill and stop ignoring the Mental Health Crisis here in America. I realize it’s a political “hot potato” but so are these random school shootings and random murders!

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