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FWB- is really a misnomer as it doesn’t include friendship.
This is something needy women use to describe their relationships with men who won’t commit to a real relationship. In fact I have never heard a man use this term to describe a relationship.
Hear me out.
A true friend will never treat a woman as simply a receptacle solely for his sperm.
Don’t confuse late night sexts as friendship, it isn’t!
Don’t think you can endear your “crush” by peeling of your knickers and having sex on the first or second date especially if he pouts if you don’t.
If a man doesn’t define your relationship you have none… You are a F*ck Buddy period.
A fuck buddy is someone of convenience. A man is horny. He trots over to the computer  looks to see if he has any messages. He simply replies and is out the door to satisfy himself. Some men are sex addicts. They may feel the need to have sex with one or more women. Twosomes, threesomes etc. Sexual appetite for these men is spontaneous if they see a sexually appealing women they will ogle them if they are with you, their friends or in church. This is not friendship or respect. They are fickle. Monday it may be a busty blonde, Tuesday a long legged brunette. Sexual addicts are not monogamous and typically bounce from woman to woman. A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP is their Kryptonite. Wanna lose a fuck buddy quick ask for a monogamous relationship! They can’t and won’t. Don’t waste your time asking Why??????
If you don’t or can’t see this is his problem then no answer other than he likes or loves YOU will satisfy you.
If you are masochistic enough to hang on then this becomes your problem. Counseling would be a great first step in understanding yourself and why you give up your dignity, self respect for someone who basically    who doesn’t give your feelings a care?

Woman who don’t learn this lesson are likely to repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat it.
My guess is you haven’t had a nurturing relationship with your father. Full disclosure I am not a mental health worker. Just my observation of having lived through the FREE LOVE GENERATION , hint the love wasn’t free! In fact casual sex was just that but no one labeled it as “friendship “
This epistle is for all the gals wondering why he doesn’t call, have been ghosted or wonder why he is seeing another girl.
There you have it in a *NUTSHELL*
I’m done here!
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**standing ovation**

Haha, I love that you posted this. And, such a good point about how only women use the FWB term! I have read some men online elsewhere on the internet use the FWB term (at least, they post that they are men...), but pretty much every guy in my life who has ever had this kind of relationship with a woman has pretty much always called her a "fuck buddy". Essentially meaning they both understand that the only reason they stay in each other's lives is JUST for sex, and nothing else. They are not friends, they do not hang out if sex is not the central focus. Sure, sometimes food or travel is involved, but sex is ALWAYS involved, and genuine emotional connection is NOT. You will not become involved in his life at all - his hobbies, interests, social life. And he doesn't want anything to do with yours either.

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I really debated posting this but…….

Many will think this is directed at one gal only. Not so. Over the many years there have been numerous girls who think if a man engages them for sex, the heart will follow. You know and I know it isn’t the case. Usually there is some relationship prior to have sex that holds them together.

If men want a sex buddy there are dozens of women willing to be h just that and that only. Sometimes women are wrapped in their schooling, job or have to parent kids from a prior marriage and Just Sex is all they have time for.

How many times have girls *taken it to mean* he is crushing, smitten or in love with them if the guy:

• stares at them for a considerable amount of time

• sends them a cute card or some token of interest

•seems to be possessive of them. 

• directs them how to dress, wear their hair

• critiques male friends and calls the names like loser or jerk.

I sorry but unless a male is autistic or has some other mental deficiencies he won’t be shy about being exclusive or taking the relationship further.

Men don’t make women play charades to figure out where the stand. There’s no guessing game or innuendo.

These poor lost souls need a female best friend to break it to them. So this week it’s me. You,Glasgow Belle, Welloone  and even BlueGenel have tried to address this very subject!


I'm glad you're posting, because you are making so many very informative and valid points! There may be one person most recently who especially could take this advice to heart, but yes, there are others who absolutely can learn from this as well. Even my younger self fell into similar traps of chasing ambiguous/mixed signals from men. To a certain extent, going through it and learning the hard way is the only thing that will work for some. For those who are in a place to really hear the hard truth, your advice here is spot on.


Actually I have had more male friends than female. They generally kept me informed on which guys were legit and what to look out for in players. I tried to stay clear for the most, but there is always one guy who thinks he’s slick! They generally don’t like the tables turned of them! Lol!


Yeah but why doesn't he call? What does it mean?


I know…….. life just sucks sometimes!

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I agree with this. Things can get messy when one of the parties catches feelings and usually it'll be women BUT men aren't prone or exempt from it! I got my fair share of karma from playing in that world. To dish it, you gotta learn to take it as well. The only thing there is for such a relationship is sex and it'll be harmonious as long as it's understood on both sides. 

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