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In there a danger of over using hyperbolic terms to describe your political foe?

I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s.

I saw true racism portrayed on my television.

The Edmund Pettus bridge debacle.

George Wallace attempting to stop school admittance for a young black girl.

People throwing around Hitler as a description of someone who wants to retain some semblance of society? Hitler exterminated millions of Jews. Afterwards skinning them and making lampshades from their skins.

Does lowering the bar for these insults blur lines for those who have no recollection of history?

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3 Answers

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I would tend to agree without stating a similar or opposite example. Gotta be careful when comparing.

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I dislike hyperbole regardless of who says it Bush, Obama, Trump or Biden.

It distracts from the real problems facing our nation.

Oh look he’s a racist, Nazi,>>>>>>>>

Oh yeah well he’s a Socialist pig <<<<<<<<

While the whole country becomes a shooting range and China bends us over the barrel.

Yeah when China takes over they’re  going to have soft safe places ( gulags) and will be sure to cater to personal pronouns ze zer and xe?

Their storm troopers will end the violent protests and put the Proud Boys and Antifa in a special burial plot!

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One thought I just had on this topic is that maybe folks are trying in very inarticulate/ineloquent ways to warn of early behavior that can be connected or correlated to the depravity of the likes of Hitler, etc. In all the study that we have done post WWII, we have analyzed all the build up, the signs, the indicators leading to what then finally was the tipping point. And I think some folks - not all - might make these quick associations and claims so as to ring alarms and not accept this as some future study of "a sign of worse to come". Other folks are definitely just trying to tap into peoples' fear and anger for their own agendas.

I do agree with you, that the examples in and of themselves are not equitable to the likes of Hitler/racism/genocide at their worst, but we also do not ever go from 0 to 100 on any of these tragedies. And most of this exists in passive, quiet, festering systems that people turn a blind eye to until it's gone too far and it's too late. So, where is the better medium point of preventing something truly awful from happening but not over-prescribing horrendous traits and platitudes to those with whom you simply disagree with or don't like?

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Experts on the history of fascism have confirmed that what we see going on with today's GOP is scarily similar to what went on when the Nazis were coming to power. I agree we need to be careful throwing around comparisons to the worst genocide of modern times, but the truth is that we are very, very close to falling down a fascist rabbit hole in the US right now. And that is not to be taken lightly. 

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